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Email Deliverability September 2020

This is the sixth email deliverability test we’ve carried out, and, as with every test, it brought quite a few surprises. If you’d like to make a comparison between this test and the previous one, check out our test from February 2020. For those of you who are coming across our tests for the first

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Email Deliverability March 2021

Update: See our latest deliverability test from Oct 2021 here.  For those who were eagerly awaiting this moment, I can announce that our latest deliverability results are finally here! Making this our seventh email deliverability test to date. Of course, this round wasn’t without surprises. In fact, as you’ll see, there were quite a few

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delivery test february 2020

This is the fifth email deliverability test we’ve carried out, and it’s just as fascinating as our previous round. If you’re not familiar with our tests, this is something we started doing back in August 2017 in order to monitor the deliverability rates of the world’s most popular email marketing services. The providers we’ve looked

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Email Deliverability July 2019

  Please note: find all of our deliverability tests here (including the latest ones).   In light of receiving such great feedback from Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz and SparkToro, we were eager to get our next round of deliverability results out. When Rand shouted us out on Twitter back in May we were

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Email deliverability January 2019

  Please note: find all of our deliverability tests here (including the latest ones).   Following on from our previous email deliverability test last year, we’re pleased to release the results of our latest round of testing. There were a few surprises this round – the third in our series of deliverability tests (we launched the

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