Mailjet Review (2024) It may be economical, but what is it lacking?

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Robert Brandl

Robert Brandl


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Mailjet has a pretty solid offering, especially when you consider that it’s one of the more affordable newsletter software providers on the market - it even comes with a cool collaboration feature we haven’t seen in other email providers. What's special about Mailjet is that billing is based on the email volume and not on the number of contacts.

Founded in France in 2010, Mailjet is used by tens of thousands of companies to send their email campaigns and transactional email. Recently, Mailjet has added a multi-user collaboration feature, which allows several team members to work together in real-time on the same email. Pretty cool, right?

Aside from collaboration, setting up automations, transactional email and SMS is all relatively pain free, as is A/B testing. A host of integrations are supported and there is a handy subscription widget editor that allows you to create and embed an opt-in form on your website.

But what is Mailjet missing, what could be improved and how much does it cost? Let’s find out!

Mailjet Screenshots

Mailjet Pricing

$ 0

Unlimited Subscribers

6,000 Emails

Limited to 200 emails per day. Unlimited contacts

$ 15

Unlimited Subscribers

15,000 Emails

Essential plan. Discount available for yearly plan. Unlimited contacts

$ 35

Unlimited Subscribers

50,000 Emails

Essential plan. Discount available for yearly plan. Unlimited contacts

$ 95

Unlimited Subscribers

100,000 Emails

Premium plan. Discount available for yearly plan. Unlimited contacts

$ 225

Unlimited Subscribers

250,000 Emails

Premium plan. Discount available for yearly plan. Unlimited contacts

$ 425

Unlimited Subscribers

500,000 Emails

Premium plan. Discount available for yearly plan. Unlimited contacts

See our detailed pricing page here

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Multi-user collaboration

    Never have we seen a newsletter editor that allows various team members to collaborate on the same email in real-time.

    Think of Google Docs and then apply those features to email marketing – you can comment and also lock sections, so they won’t be edited by someone else at the same time.

    Mailjet also has a campaign approval process, so managers can sign off campaigns.

  • Pricing

    Mailjet’s affordable plans make it one of our top picks for cheap email marketing services. Their Essential plan is, well, quite basic, but you’ll find it won’t be too costly to upgrade to their Premium plan where you’ll have access to features such as automation, A/B testing and advanced statistics.

  • Ease of use

    Creating contact lists, newsletter templates and setting up automation workflows are all easy tasks to perform.

Is Mailjet the right newsletter service for you?

  • Recommended if:
  • Not recommended if:
  • Integrations are important to you

    Mailjet supports 82 integrations including ecommerce platforms, CRMs and Facebook.

  • You want to collaborate on emails with other team members

    If you want to create good-looking, personalized emails from scratch but lack the technical skills, with Mailjet you can collaborate in real time with other team members, for example a developer, to get your emails just right.

  • You’re looking for an affordable email newsletter software

    If advanced features are not important to you then Mailjet’s pricing is very reasonable.

Rating Details

Ease of Use

Overall we found Mailjet relatively easy to use. Their clean dashboard and easy to navigate menu and editor makes setting up email campaigns a pain-free task.

Editor Info popup

The drag and drop editor is user-friendly, allowing for a wide range of email types.

It’s possible to collaborate on an email with other team members and update many email sections at once (i.e. the email header or footer). Page design locking means you can allow certain users different editing rights on sections.

Personalization Info popup

You can easily personalize subject lines and email text using contact field data. You can also conditionally display specific content based on your contact properties, for example, you might want to show different products to male and female subscribers.

Email types Info popup

Classic newsletters, transactional email (Basic plan), autoresponders and easy A/B testing (Premium plan). Their automations are more like glorified autoresponders.

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs Info popup

All templates are mobile responsive, however their template gallery is pretty limited in terms of designs. It does allow you to code your own template in HTML or MJML (Mailjet’s free open source markup language). No plain text version option or image storage.

Email Marketing Automation Info popup

Though they have a section named automation workflows where you have some ideas, i.e. welcome emails, when a contact property value is updated, on a specific date, conditional options are limited to date and time. It’s not possible to set up conditions based on whether a user has opened/clicked or not or completed an action such as buying a product. In our book, these are classed as autoresponders and lack options to be classed as automations.

You also can’t edit the workflow once it’s been activated.

List Management Info popup

You can create segments using ‘filters’ based on contact field criteria and also behavior. This is limited to just clicks and opens – you can’t be more specific about what they opened or clicked. If you unsubscribe someone this will be universal for all lists.

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process Info popup

The Subscription Widget section makes creating registration and opt-in forms very easy! You can either use the simple editor (where just one type of form is available) or edit the HTML yourself in ‘expert mode’. The code can then be embedded on your site or the pop-in subscription widget can be linked to a button, a URL link, an image link, a timer, or whatever element that can trigger a JavaScript function. Within this feature you can also create a confirmation page and email.

Deliverability Info popup

Mailjet (mostly) do pretty well in our deliverability tests.

Reports and Analysis

The reports are fairly good, giving you the detail of openers, clickers, bounces, unsubscribes, etc. (all data is exportable too). You can also see what percentage of openers clicked where. You can also add UTM tags to track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Deliverability Expert (where you can ask your deliverability questions to industry experts) is available for Custom plan customers.

You can integrate Mailjet with your ecommerce, e.g. Shopify, and track the order information of each contact.

Languages Info popup

The platform is available in 9 languages, including English, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. Knowledge-base is only available in English, French, Spanish and German.

Spam- and Design-Testing Info popup

You can preview the design on both mobile and desktop devices and send a test email. Unfortunately, they don’t provide you with a spam score. Find out how to avoid spam filters here.

Bounce Management Info popup

If your email soft bounces, Mailjet will automatically attempt to resend the email. If the email is not delivered after 3 days, it is marked as a bounce. Hard bounces are automatically blocked.

Blocklist Info popup

This is called an exclusion list in Mailjet, and you can import and export contacts.

Storage available for data and images


They don’t have a media database where you can manage your uploaded files.

Authentication Info popup

SPF and DKIM are supported.

Own Domain Info popup

It’s possible to use your own domain name to improve your newsletter’s company branding.

If you are sending more than 150,000 emails per month, you can apply for a dedicated IP address through their Customer Support team.

Different levels of account access Info popup

You can invite admins and team members to your account and give them different access levels, i.e. access to campaigns, contacts, automation, transactional emails, etc.


82 integrations available, including CRM, CMS and ecommerce. Top integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot, Facebook, WordPress, Prestashop and Shopify.

Landing Page Builder Info popup

Not available

Customer Support

Quite thorough knowledge base. You can open a ticket and the response rate is quite fast (within a few hours). You’ll need to upgrade to Custom in order to talk to a deliverability expert. No live chat.

Overall rating


Mailjet allows you to do a number of things (segmentation, A/B testing), though on a fairly basic level. Deliverability is pretty average. What really let them down was their template selection and conditional options for automation and segmentation.


On their site Mailjet claims to be ‘The email solution for fast-moving teams’. We can’t really fault this statement as their software is easy to use and their multi-user collaboration feature is pretty cool and will no doubt lead to other email providers incorporating something similar in their offerings.

Unlike many other email providers, Mailjet charges according to the number of emails you wish to send per month, not the number of subscribers you have (these are unlimited, even on the free plan). For this reason, Mailjet could be a very good option if you have tonnes of subscribers but won’t be sending more than 15,000 emails per month as the Premium plan will cost you just $25/month. It’ll be hard to beat Mailjet in terms of price, that’s for sure!

Though they may be lacking in some of the more advanced features, for the price, ease of use, and range of features, Mailjet does a pretty good job.

Mailjet Alternatives

MailerLite is, along with Mailjet, one of the most budget-friendly tools we’ve tried. They offer a generous free plan as well.

GetResponse has some extra (advanced) features like a webinar hosting platform and sales funnel software. It also comes with thorough reports and useful analysis features. We are also big fans of their email automations and list management capabilities.

ActiveCampaign is a more advanced tool than Mailjet. For example, their flexible and powerful automation system can’t be compared to Mailjet’s. However, ActiveCampaign is more expensive, and you’ll need some budget to use it (no free plan).

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