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steve lamattina

Jul 15, 2020


Pennsylvania-based AWeber have been in the email marketing business for over 20 years. One of their biggest claims is that they invented the autoresponder, which is no small thing. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that one of their promoted features is marketing automation, also seen in a few competitors.

Customers have access to all their features from day one, and it’s only increasing subscriber numbers that increase the membership price. They recently launched a free plan for those with less than 500 subscribers, but features are limited.

Apart from automation, AWeber offers split testing and their ‘Email Web Analytics’, allowing you to use your own domain in links you want to track clicks for, and tracking product sales easily. Oh and they also have not one, but three mobile apps!

They also offer a smart email designer that gathers logos, images, brand colors and text from websites and social media channels to create "ready-to-send" email templates.

So, a handful of interesting features in there - but let’s have a closer look and see if being the first also means being the best, 20 years down the track:

Try AWeber for free: http://aweber.emailtooltester.com/Find a more detailed AWeber review here: http://www.emailtooltester.com/en/reviews/aweber/Learn all ab... AWeber Review - The Pros & Cons of the Newsletter Tool 2016-06-08 https://img.youtube.com/vi/xCHU12Q1kFk/hqdefault.jpg

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List management tools:

Keeping lists organised is simple with AWeber, as you can use their automation to automatically manage subscribers via rules you create.

Sales tracking:

Not always an option, even with advanced marketing automation, yet AWeber allows this via their email web analytics feature (you just need to insert some javascript into your website).


Apart from fast and friendly service, they also have great education tools for first-time users including articles, videos and podcasts.

High price and unfair subscriber count:

Their price is a bit steep, coming in close to some of the higher-rated newsletter tools, although they don’t offer the pro-features to justify the price.

The worst part is that even unsubscribed email addresses count towards your monthly quota!

In need of an update:

They lack a lot of advanced features, such as sophisticated automations and spam and design testing. They could do with an overhaul in the design department, too – the user experience isn’t as exciting or intuitive as it could be, and many of their email templates look outdated.

criterion rating comments

Ease of Use

The menu structure mostly makes sense, although some sections are a little hidden, and the multiple top menus can be a little confusing at first. Where it loses points is that there are sections within, such as the editor, where strange bugs create a negative user experience. Also, their terminology could be confusing for experienced users: automations are called ‘Campaigns’, regular emails are called ‘Broadcasts’ and autoresponders are (somewhat bafflingly) ‘Legacy follow up messages’.

Newsletter Creation


The editor took quite a while to get my head around but, in saying that, it did allow for a number of sections I needed to create our monthly newsletter, such as triple column sections and text with in-line images. They also now offer AMP for Email, meaning you can add an image carousel, RSVP to an event, sign up for a newsletter or leave a product review all without leaving the email. However, the editor definitely looks a little dated and is not as flexible or intuitive to use as other email editors.



Similar to other tools, If/Then/Else logic is available in a fairly standard format.

Email types

Classic newsletters, autoresponders, automations, RSS and A/B testing.

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs

There’s quite a good selection of responsive templates available (some offering multiple color schemes to choose from), although a few of them look a bit outdated.

Email Automation

It’s good to see that they have certain automation features. However it would be good to see a little more complexity within this system, as not much has been updated in the last few years. It allows for creating triggered emails, limited to when someone subscribes to a list, or has a particular tag. Then you’re able to send a message, apply a tag or set a waiting period.

List Management

AWeber have good list segmentation, allowing you to manage subscribers via their automation features. You can easily set up a rule, for example, that unsubscribes someone from a particular list after leaving another.

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process

You’re given style options for pop-up, pop over and lightbox, yet this section really needs an updated design. It’s over-complicated, difficult to navigate. In regards to adding contacts, it has standard options available, as well as integrations that allow you to sign up contacts from WordPress, Facebook, Wix etc.


We would have liked to have seen better results from AWeber. Sadly they’ve been consistently scoring poorly in our deliverability tests. As you can see in our results, they had problems reaching contacts with Microsoft email addresses (Outlook and Hotmail).

Reports and Analysis

Reporting is one of AWeber’s stronger areas. For emails, you can get names of openers and clickers, web visits, and also conversion and ecommerce tracking info. You also get some pretty impressive overall reports (account and list-based), including clicks over time, subscriber growth, sales over time and more. There isn’t direct Google Analytics integration available though.


The site is only available in English.

Further Features

Spam- and Design-Testing

These are not available.

Bounce Management


Soft bounces are counted as hard bounces after three times, then they are unsubscribed.



Not available.

Storage available for data and images


Pro Features



SPF and DKIM are supported.

Own Domain


It’s possible to use your own tracking domain via AWeber Web Analytics.

Different levels of account access


Not available.



There are quite a few integrations available, and many big names are there such as Zapier, PayPal, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce and more.

Landing Page Editor


This is a fairly new feature. A few nice-looking templates are provided and it’s fairly easy to customize them as you wish. SEO options are available.



Support is fast and friendly, via all mediums. Their knowledge base is good, but it can be hard to get relevant search results at times. I’d recommend email and online chat over the knowledge base.

Overall rating


AWeber has the essentials, it just doesn’t provide enough advanced features, or a strong enough user experience, for the asking price. You can get more for your money with other email tools.

AWeber has all the basics you need for a small business, and does quite a good job at educating first-time users with its bevy of articles, videos and podcasts. The issue is that, apart from customer service, there isn’t a particular area they excel in when it comes to features. And disappointingly, they haven’t really updated a whole lot in the last few years since we first reviewed the tool.

This, of course, would not be a problem if it was priced for budget-conscious beginners, yet the costs are on par with other email tools like ActiveCampaign or GetResponse that offer much more for the same price. And these other tools not only offer more advanced features, but often a more visually appealing experience at that. One positive is that, no matter how many subscribers you have, each price tier gives customers full access to their features. But these features still might not be enough for the asking price.


Try AWeber for free

ActiveCampaign comes with a very flexible and powerful automation approach and modern-looking and flexible registration forms – something AWeber should really work on. Additionally, ActiveCampaign’s deliverability is outstanding. If you need further information, check out our AWeber and ActiveCampaign comparison.

MailerLite is a cheap solution with excellent designs and a solid email marketing system. It also comes with a couple of perks (like a landing page editor) and we find their interface very easy to use.

GetResponse is an interesting alternative. It has many advanced features (e.g. sales funnel), and comes with excellent automations and advanced design and testing tools.

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