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Email Deliverability

If you use Google Mail, you’ll notice it’s constantly getting better at filtering your emails. Firstly, it will send unsolicited messages to the spam folder. If they’re from a newsletter, they will land in your Promotions tab. This is all part of a larger trend designed to completely remove spam from our digital lives. And

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Mailchimp alternatives

Here’s a fun game: ask anyone to name an email newsletter tool. Chances are their answer is going to be Mailchimp. Thanks to a enormous marketing presence, these guys seem to be completely ahead of the competition. Launching in 2001, they now have 15+ million users and process more than one billion emails everyday. That’s

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transactional emails

Here’s a common problem: You send out a confirmation order email or a newsletter through your website hosting provider’s email server, but unfortunately hardly any contacts receive the message. That’s a particular issue with self-managed newsletter software like Supermailer, Sendblaster, or with WordPress plugins such as Mailpoet. Why? Well, there are two underlying problems here. For starters, most

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new design

After several months of hard work, we finally reached the finish line: EmailToolTester has a new look. We have been comparing and reviewing the best newsletter and offering advice on how to start your own email marketing campaigns tools since 2011.   While our old website builder, Webnode, was a reliable asset for many years,

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GetResponse vs MailChimp

You’ve been doing some research for a newsletter service and noticed that MailChimp and GetResponse keep popping up as recommendations. Well, that’s because they’re both quite good! They rank 2nd and 3rd in our list, just under ActiveCampaign. There’s only a few points between them, but depending on what you need, little things may make

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free newsletter services

So you’ve decided to start focusing more effort on your ‘small’ business, and perhaps you’re still working out of your bedroom, but your customers don’t need to know that. You’ve been sending out emails to your list of around 50-200 recipients that you’ve built up over the last few months, but Outlook isn’t quite cutting

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email automation

Table of Contents: Relevance – The Gold Standard of Email Marketing What Kinds of Email Automation Are There? Which Providers Should You Look At (And How Expensive Are They)? Conclusion Relevance – The Gold Standard of Email Marketing I have been working in email marketing for nearly ten years now, and it’s a rare occasion

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promotions tab

You might think email marketing is going out of fashion. Aren’t there too many email newsletters already? Yes, of course there are. To tell you the truth, many of them are being ignored (and rightly so). The old ‘subscribe and blast’ approach stopped working a while ago. Ever since Gmail started filtering newsletters into the

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