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ActiveCampaign Pricing How Do I Get My Money’s Worth?

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Inka Wibowo

Inka Wibowo


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It’s no secret that ActiveCampaign is one of our favorite email marketing tools. We’ve had great experiences with their support, reports, and their automations are hard to beat.

But which of their four different offers would we recommend?

And does their product scale well if you increase your subscribers due to a successful long term email marketing strategy?

Let’s break down the ActiveCampaign plans and prices below to find out.

ActiveCampaign Pricing: What Do I Get?

ActiveCampaign has recently split its features into two separate plans, Marketing and Sales. You can purchase these separately or together as a “bundle”.

For Marketing, there are four plans available: Lite (from $39/month), Plus (from $70), Professional (from $159/month), and Enterprise (from $279/month).

Please note that the Lite plan is now slightly hidden on ActiveCampaign's pricing page (see screenshot).

For Sales, you can choose between Plus (from $19/month), Professional (from $49/month), or their Enterprise plan (contact sales for pricing).

It’s worth noting that they do not offer a free plan. However, you can still give it a test drive for 14 days without paying anything. Once you commit to a paid plan, you can even take advantage of their free migrations offer.

And to decide which plan is the right one for you, have a look at our complete breakdown below.

Marketing Prices and Plans in Detail

Lite Plus Professional Enterprise
Users 1 3 5 10
Autoresponders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automations Yes Yes Yes Yes
Templates and design editor Yes Yes Yes Yes
Landing page editor No Yes Yes Yes
Reporting & Segmentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social media integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Forms (Modals, Floating Bar & Box) No, only basic forms


Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter inbox preview Paid 5 free a month 5 free a month Unlimited
Sends SMS No Yes Yes Yes
Custom SMS sending number No No No Yes
Shows ActiveCampaign logo Yes (in non-HTML forms) No No No
Attribution metrics No No Yes Yes
On-site messages No No Yes Yes
Social data Optional - Paid Optional - Paid Optional - Paid Yes
API & Web hooks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Domain No Yes Yes Yes
Migration services Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email & Live Chat support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone support and personalized help No No No Yes
Uptime warranty No No No Yes
1 to 1 training No 1 month 3 months Forever
ActiveCampaign Marketing Plan Cost based on list size
1000 users (unlimited emails) $39 a month $49 a month $159 a month Request a quote
2,500 users (unlimited emails) $61 a month $125 a month $159 a month Request a quote
5,000 users (unlimited emails) $99 a month $169 a month $239 a month Request a quote
10,000 users (unlimited emails) $174 a month $249 a month $349 a month Request a quote
25,000 users (unlimited emails) $286 a month $399 a month $599 a month Request a quote
50,000 users (unlimited emails) $486 a month Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote
100,000 users (unlimited emails) $505 a month Request a quote Request a quote Request a quote

Due to the recent plan changes, users on the Marketing plan won't have access to the CRM features, which were previously available. So if you are in need of both sales and marketing features, you should consider opting for a bundle plan, we'll provide more information on this below.

Sales Prices and Plans in Detail

Channels Plus Professional Enterprise
SMS With SMS add-on With SMS add-on With SMS add-on
Lead capture forms Yes Yes Yes
Mobile CRM app Yes Yes Yes
Facebook lead ads No Yes Yes
CRM Plus Professional Enterprise
Deals Yes Yes Yes
Accounts Yes Yes Yes
Deals Pipelines Yes Yes Yes
Account and Deal Management Yes Yes Yes
Lead scoring Yes Yes Yes
Sink inbox with CRM Yes Yes Yes
Task Management & Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Sales enablement automation No Yes Yes
Direct, Synced Email with Contacts and Deals No Yes Yes
Win Probability No. Yes Yes
Tracking and Reporting                 Plus                  Professional    Enterprise
Site tracking Yes Yes Yes
Link and event tracking Yes Yes Yes
Automation reports Yes Yes Yes
Deal reports Yes Yes Yes
Sentiment Analysis No Yes Yes
Custom Reports No No Yes

ActiveCampaign Sales Plans costs based on user seats

User seats                            Plus                        Professional      Enterprise
1 user seat $23 $59 Contact sales for pricing
2 user seats  $46 $118 Contact sales for pricing
3 user seats $69 $177 Contact sales for pricing
4 user seats $92 $236 Contact sales for pricing

ActiveCampaign Bundles:

ActiveCampaign recently introduced a “Bundles” plan, which is a combination of their Marketing Automation and Sales CRM plans, and you can choose from 3 main plans.

First up, the Plus plan starts at $93 and includes marketing and sales automation, site tracking, forms, and landing pages, Facebook custom audiences, and lead ads for up to 5 users and 1000 contacts.

The Professional plan starts at $386 and includes predictive sending, site testing, split automation, sales engagement automation, and one-to-one email for up to 10 users and 2500 contacts.

The Enterprise plan is a custom-priced option for large businesses and offers an account manager, unlimited email testing, custom reports, and a custom mailserver domain for up to 15 users and 2500 contacts. You’ll need to contact their sales team to sign up for this plan.

Additional Features:


Conversations is a feature available on all plans and can be purchased as an add-on. It allows you to have two-way conversations with subscribers via chat and email and everything is stored in a unified inbox.

Price: $19/user/month

ActiveCampaign 'Marketing' Plans and Prices Summary

We've summarized the Marketing plans, as we think these will be most suited to your email marketing needs.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Lite plan: This is a great option for small teams. Note that with this lite plan, you’ll only have access to 1 user seat, however, it comes with some powerful email automations, design options, and a basic form builder. You certainly get a much more powerful product than with most competitors in the same price range.

Please note that Lite doesn’t remove ActiveCampaign logos or branding in certain elements such as signup forms and confirmation emails - but if you add your forms via HTML this will not be an issue. Lastly, you won't be able to call them for support, but you'll still be able to access support through live chat and email.

active campaign branding

The branding in forms

ActiveCampaign Marketing Plus plan: This one is also suitable for smaller companies, offering up to 3 user seats. Other interesting features of this upgrade are the landing page editor, the ability to send SMS, social media integration, and the use of a custom domain name for your links. It also removes the ActiveCampaign branding, so your forms look more professional.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Professional plan: This advanced marketing plan starts at $149 a month (when paid annually), which is a big increase in the monthly fee. It comes with 5 user seats, the ability to show personalized site messages to your users, predictive sending based on your contact’s email open data, and in-depth attribution analysis that will help you tailor measure which touchpoints led to a sale.

ActiveCampaign Marketing Enterprise plan: This plan is for growing companies with a big budget who are looking to scale their email marketing. This top-tier plan comes with 10 user accounts and the most advanced features such as a custom mailserver domain. You also get a custom phone number for sending SMS, phone support, custom reports, and a dedicated account manager who will assist you in various matters like strategy consultation, deliverability, and more.

As we mentioned earlier, they have separated their plans into Marketing and Sales, with the option of combining both plans as a “Bundle”. Therefore, if you’d like to gain access to ActiveCampaign's CRM, you’ll need to choose from one of their Sales plans, or if you’d like access to their Marketing and Sales capabilities, selecting one of their Bundle plans would be your best option.

> Try Active Campaign for free for 14 days


Marketing Plan prices start at $39 a month with the Lite plan. There is no free version, plus the free trial is limited to only two weeks - this is enough to put some people off ActiveCampaign. Sure, you can find cheaper options, especially if you only need to send very basic newsletters. And in fact, the advanced features might also make email marketing newbies a bit nervous as you could think ActiveCampaign is harder to use (it’s not - and we've even prepared an ActiveCampaign tutorial to help get you started).

But if you are indeed serious about email marketing, we would definitely recommend ActiveCampaign. Their offer scales reasonably well, and larger organizations will benefit from very advanced tools, multi-platform, 24/7 support, and personal training at a reasonable price. And they are also very efficient in the way they count their subscribers, so you can easily segment and delete inactive subscribers without worrying about reaching your user limit.


ActiveCampaign calls subscribers “Contacts” and counts them in four categories: Active, Unconfirmed, Unsubscribed and Bounced. Only Active Contacts are counted as subscribers. That means they have confirmed their subscription (if using opt-in), not unsubscribed and that they do indeed receive your emails.

If you are close to approaching your contact limit, ActiveCampaign will send you an email notification every 15 days until you upgrade your account. They will not automatically upgrade your account for you so you won’t be able to add new contacts. You will also be prevented from creating new campaigns.

Actually you can. ActiveCampaign has a handy Engagement Management tool that lets you remove subscribers who have never engaged with your emails (no open) or not opened them during a certain time period. See screenshot:

Active Campaign: clean your subscribers

ActiveCampaign includes unlimited emails for all plans below 250,000 contacts. Accounts with over 250,000 contacts have a sending limit of 10x their contact limit – for example, an account with 300,000 contacts includes 3 million emails per month.

Yes! ActiveCampaign offer a 20% discount for non-profits.

ActiveCampaign’s prices are on the pricier end of the spectrum.

You can compare them with GetResponse’s prices here.

If you’re looking for a cheaper ActiveCampaign alternative, check out this guide. Another very cheap ActiveCampaign alternative is tinyEmail.

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