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Robert Brandl

Robert Brandl


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With the recent announcement that Pipedrive is now officially a unicorn startup (as they are valued at more than $1 billion), we thought it was a good time to review the software with a fine tooth comb.

Since its conception in Estonia in 2010, Pipedrive CRM has been growing exponentially. It now operates in 175 different countries and is used by over 95,000 companies worldwide.

With the tag line: ‘Designed to keep you selling’, the product sounds pretty appealing to CEOs and sales agents. But how well does the Pipedrive CRM software actually perform and is it right for your business?

In this Pipedrive CRM review, we’re going to look at everything from getting set up to the customer support available, so you can take the decision to sign up (or not) with all the information in mind.

Pipedrive CRM Summary

In a nutshell, Pipedrive CRM is an affordable and easy-to-use cloud tool with a good range of features and customization options. Prices range from $21.90/month/user (Essentials plan) to $119 (Enterprise plan).

The Advanced plan ($37.90/month/user) includes features such as two-way email sync, customizable email templates, email open and click tracking and automation workflows, making it the best plan for growing businesses.

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Pipedrive CRM Pricing

$ 21.90


Essential plan. Discounts applied to annual subscriptions

$ 37.90


Advanced plan. Discounts applied to annual subscriptions

$ 59.90


Professional plan. Discounts applied to annual subscriptions

$ 74.90


Power plan. Discounts applied to annual subscriptions

$ 119


Enterprise plan. Discounts applied to annual subscriptions

Find out more about Pipedrive’s pricing in our complete guide.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Easy to Use

    The software is well designed and easy to navigate – even for complete beginners!

  • Affordable

    Prices start from $21.90/month/user and go up incrementally, making it an affordable service for small businesses.

  • Pipeline Management

    You’re given unlimited pipelines and properties to help with the organization of your sales process.

  • Support

    Pipedrive CRM provides support via chat and email around the clock on all plans.

Is Pipedrive CRM the right CRM software for you?

  • Recommended if:
  • Not recommended if:
  • For those looking specifically for a tool to help them manage their sales process

    Its clean design means that beginners will find it easy to navigate and make the most of the features available without getting overwhelmed.

Rating Details

Ease of Use Info popup

Pipedrive has clearly invested resources into designing a user-friendly product. The dashboard, which features your sales pipeline, is well laid out and pretty intuitive even for complete CRM novices. Upon sign-up, you’ll be taken through a 7-step set-up process, which involves things like importing your data and syncing your email and your calendar – you can also skip anything you’re not ready to do.

Pipeline Management Info popup

Unlimited customizable pipelines with drag and drop technology. You can easily change the names of the pipeline columns to reflect your sales process. The fact that you can drag and drop deals between the various stages of the sales cycle makes everything so much quicker, and almost fun. You also have various views (pipeline, list and forecast). The list view is great if you want to perform a bulk action like moving multiple deals over to the completed column, for example.

Contact/Deal Management Info popup

Add notes, tasks, additional information, files and invoices to each person/deal/organization. Unlimited properties to add/filter by. Leads and deals are separated so that you don’t end up with a lot of prequalified leads in your deal pipeline.

Email Features Info popup

Syncing with your email client is reserved for higher plans ($37.90/month/user). What you can do is include your unique company email address (i.e. emailtooltester@pipedrivemail.com) to the BCC field and these conversations will be sent to your Pipedrive inbox where they’ll automatically be linked to the relevant contacts and deals. Group emailing and templates available on higher plans. No email marketing, you’ll need to integrate with a third-party service.

Automation Info popup

Workflow automations are available on Advanced plan and above.

Reporting Info popup

Customizable reports and dashboard. It’s also possible to share your reports. You’ll have one dashboard, unless you’re on the Professional plan ($59.90/month/user), in which case you’ll be allowed to set up an unlimited number of reporting dashboards. Another advantage of the Professional plan is that a revenue forecast will be generated for you.

Lead Scoring

Smart contact data (from web and social sources) is available on the Advanced plan and higher, though a score is not generated.

Live Chat

Available with its LeadBooster add-on for $39/company/month. If you’re not interested in the other tools that come with this add-on, it’s quite a lot extra to pay for live chat – I recommend checking out these dedicated live chat tools.

Web Tracking

This is available through another add-on, which will cost you an extra $49/month.

Security Info popup

Two-factor authentication login and user access restrictions and logs on the Essential plan. Professional plan comes with a security dashboard, rules and alerts.


Available in 16 different languages, though support languages are more limited.

Integrations & Apps

275+ integrations with email marketing platforms such as ActiveCampaign and lead generation tools. If it’s missing a particular app you need, there is an open API configuration to facilitate a connection with third-party services, and the option to integrate with Zapier. Mobile app available for download on both Android and iOS.


Extensive knowledge base, courses, chat and email support around the clock on all plans.

Overall Rating


Pipedrive fulfills its promise to help users visualize their sales processes and get more done. It is easy to use whilst still offering a good deal of functionality.


In my opinion, and after extensive testing, Pipedrive CRM is an excellent CRM software for small to medium-sized businesses. It has all the features you need to manage your contacts, leads and deals with ease, and it’ll help save you time with its templates, group emails and workflow automation.

The LeadBooster add-on is a little pricey in my opinion, especially since you’ll need to purchase extra credits if you want to contact more than 10 people from the Prospector feature. Web forms, part of this feature, should really be included on the Essentials plan.

In terms of bang for buck, despite the fact that it doesn’t offer a free plan, the prices are very reasonable and on par with other popular small business CRM tools. For me, the fact that it’s so easy to use is a big plus. Pipedrive removes the complexity that often comes with CRM software, making it a great option for those with little experience.

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We really rate both these CRM tools for their variety of features and excellent user experience. You can see exactly how each service faired in our Pipedrive vs HubSpot comparison.

Yes! You can easily manage your contacts and sales processes with Pipedrive.

Pipedrive CRM Alternatives

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use but powerful CRM tool, you’ll also want to look at the alternatives to Pipedrive.

I’d say HubSpot is the most well-known, offering a very generous free CRM plan. What’s not so attractive is the price jump when you move onto a paid plan.

Two other CRM tools to check out are Freshworks and ActiveCampaign CRM. These both offer an interesting mix of sales and marketing features. ActiveCampaign is a particularly good choice for those serious about finding a CRM with advanced automation.

Zoho CRM is a big name, and though it’s been around for a while, we don’t necessarily recommend it due to some user experience issues.

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