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Free Email Deliverability Checklist

For small to medium-sized businesses that want to keep their emails out of the spam folder

Are you a small or medium-sized business struggling to make your emails hit the mark? You’re not alone. Email deliverability is a complex game, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team and resources.

Our 7-page comprehensive Email Deliverability Checklist simplifies the daunting world of email marketing into actionable steps, so you can immediately improve your email deliverability and overall performance.

Download our free Email Deliverability Checklist now and take the first step towards email marketing success.

What's Included?
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Authenticating your domain to ensure your emails are recognized as legitimate

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Selecting the best email marketing service for deliverability

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Email list hygiene best practices for higher engagement rates

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Crafting the perfect email and common mistakes to avoid

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Testing and how to refine your strategy based on data

Who Created This Checklist?

Hey, I’m Roberta, EmailTooltester’s Marketing Manager.

I put this checklist together based on years of experience conducting deliverability tests and managing the email marketing side of the company.

From domain authentication to spam filters, there are numerous obstacles that can divert your messages away from their intended destination.

By following the guidelines laid out in the checklist, you’ll see improved email deliverability, higher customer engagement, and a stronger ROI for your email marketing campaigns.

Don’t miss out on effective communication just because you’re a smaller business. Get your copy today!