Constant Contact Review: Well Known, But Worth Its High Price?

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Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans


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Constant Contact has been in the email marketing game since 1995. During that time, they’ve managed to become one of the most used email tools in the world, after Mailchimp.

You might have noticed Constant Contact as the top-rated choice for many other review websites. However, in our experience, Constant Contact appears to cater more to a select few niche markets rather than the broader spectrum of small-to-medium businesses.

What makes them special is that they’ve added several features over the years that few of their competitors sport. These include event management tools and social campaigns, which makes them particularly appealing to certain niches (e.g. real estate).

This, of course, is in addition to the diverse list of email options available, including automations and recurring newsletters.

Yet despite these flashy features, interest in Constant Contact seems to be on the decline. And in our review of Constant Contact, which takes a methodical approach based on our practical experience and detailed knowledge of other email marketing services, we uncover some of the reasons why that might be.

So, let’s take a closer look at Constant Contact’s ins & outs and check if it’s still relevant in a modern email marketing strategy.
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Constant Contact Review Summary

Constant Contact is marketed towards small-to-medium businesses, but their prices aren't the most affordable, especially when you consider that their features just aren't that advanced. Although plans start from a reasonable $12/month, this only allows for 500 subscribers, and prices rise pretty sharply after that.

Also expect to pay a premium for email marketing features that are considered pretty standard nowadays, such as segmentation and custom automations.

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Constant Contact Screenshots

Constant Contact Pricing

$ 12

500 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 30

1,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 50

2,500 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 80

5,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 120

10,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 180

15,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 280

25,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 430

50,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Lite plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

$ 110

2,500 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Premium Plan. Discounts available for 12-month plans.

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> Find out more about Constant Contact’s plans in our complete pricing guide

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Niche features

    Constant Contact have some interesting niche features such as the ability to survey your contacts, and to promote and sell tickets for events.

  • High deliverability rates

    They have consistently performed well in our deliverability tests, offering some of the highest rates of deliverability among our reviewed tools.

  • Multichannel marketing

    Aside from social media integrations that let you post directly to your profiles, Constant Contact also lets you create Google, Facebook and Instagram ads, and offers SMS marketing (currently available only in the US).

  • AI tools

    Constant Contact’s AI Generator can help you draft email and social media posts with just a few prompts.

Is Constant Contact the right newsletter service for you?

  • Recommended if:
  • Not recommended if:
  • You run events

    Constant Contact is quite unique in this regard, being one of the few email marketing tools to allow you to manage event invitations, registrations, and tickets. Bear in mind that this feature comes with its own fees: 5.4% + $0.80 for each ticket sold or transaction conducted.

Rating Details

Ease of Use

Generally it’s easy to navigate, though a bit dull-looking. You can get to most places within a couple of clicks, though as they’ve added more functionality, some things have become a little hidden, for example, automations.

Editor Info popup

The editor is fast and simple to use. If you’re sending out event invitations, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to drag and drop content blocks that are ideal for including event details and RSVP buttons. You can also easily drop in poll questions and product blocks.

Personalization Info popup

This is very basic, only allowing you to insert simple greetings or contact details. There is no if/then/else logic available.

Email types Info popup

Classic, autoresponders, basic automations, recurring newsletters, A/B testing, event registrations, coupons, surveys and polls. There’s also a useful way to share archived emails (e.g. past newsletters) on your website by simply embedding some code.

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs Info popup

Not bad. There are around 200 (!) templates to choose from, with varying degrees of quality (some are decent, while others look a little basic and dated). You can also start from scratch, use a layout, and take advantage of a handy feature called ‘Brand your email’ to auto-generate a template based on your website’s colors and logo.

Email Marketing Automation Info popup

If you’re on the Lite plan, automations are limited to basic campaigns (e.g. date-based triggers like birthday or anniversaries, welcome emails, or email opens or clicks).

To send abandoned cart campaigns, you’d need a Shopify or WooCommerce store, and would have to be on a higher-level plan. The same applies for custom automation paths or multi-channel campaigns (e.g. email + SMS).

It’s worth noting that the automations aren’t the most flexible, as you can’t really combine conditions and actions as you can in many other tools.

List Management Info popup

Similar to Mailchimp, Constant Contact lets you manage subscribers through lists, segments and tags. There are some handy pre-built segments for your most engaged, somewhat engaged, and least engaged contacts.

You can also create your own segments from contact activity, list membership, contact details, tags, ecommerce activity, or contact insights. Unfortunately, segments aren’t available on the Lite plan.

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process Info popup

Constant Contact gives you options to create a variety of forms, including pop-up, flyout, banner and inline forms. While you can add custom fields, these are unfortunately limited to text and date-based fields – there are no options to add multiple choice answers, for example.

Deliverability Info popup

As you can see in our deliverability tests, Constant Contact performs very well, reaching the most popular email providers (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook) the majority of the time. They came second in our most recent deliverability test in January 24.

Reports and Analysis

In addition to standard open and click reports, spam, bounce and unsubscribe rates are also available. You also get click heat maps, and some useful overview reports such as open and click trends, opens by device, % of contacts engaged, and most successful subject line. You can also compare campaigns. However, advanced tracking such as social tracking isn’t available.

Languages Info popup

Here’s where it gets a bit hairy. The site and the tool are only available in English. You can choose to change some of the non-editable email sections (e.g. footer and privacy policy text) to one of 10 languages available, mostly European. Support and the knowledge base is available in 5 languages. Slightly confusing, but at least there’s some effort to support multilingual users and audiences.

Spam- and Design-Testing Info popup

Spam testing isn’t available, however, there is a feature to check the email for errors (missing links, placeholder text that hasn’t been updated, etc.). There’s also a tool that allows you to preview how emails will look for specific recipients. ‘Inbox Preview’ by Litmus is available as an add-on service, although at $10/month for just 5 tests, it’s a little steep. Find out how to avoid spam filters here.

Bounce Management Info popup

Soft bounces are placed on temporary hold for 15 days, and then resent. If it happens again, they are moved into a suspended bounce category. They have a ‘recommended for removal’ filter available to view these, but don’t remove them automatically.

Blocklist Info popup

Import/export available although it’s not as straightforward as it could be – you need to first enable advanced email permissions under Account Settings.

Storage available for data and images


All plans come with unlimited storage.

Authentication Info popup

SPF and DKIM are supported.

Own Domain Info popup

Constant Contact automatically converts links to track clicks (using as the domain), but doesn’t allow you to use your own domain for this.

Different levels of account access Info popup

The Account Owner can also assign roles to be either an Account Manager or a Campaign Creator.


Constant Contact offers a massive amount of apps and integrations (6000+). These let you connect to a wide range of external CRM, ecommerce, social media, scheduling, and accounting tools (amongst other applications).

One handy built-in integration is one with Canva, which lets you create logos and other graphics to use in your emails.

Landing Page Builder Info popup

This is very basic, with just a few simple templates to start off with, and a limited range of content blocks to add to your page. Instead, we’d recommend these free landing page builders.

Customer Support

There are several channels of support, including live chat, phone support, a knowledge base and community-based support. However, I found that the chat and phone support weren’t always available, which was a little frustrating. When I was able to get hold of chat support, however, I did find them to be responsive and useful. Bear in mind that you’ll need to call in order to cancel your subscription, which is pretty annoying.

Overall rating


For a basic email tool, Constant Contact ticks most of the boxes. The main issue here, though, is that they’re asking a premium price for a sub-premium product that lacks a lot of features that are now standard in many email marketing platforms, such as CRM, live chat widget, and advanced automations.

A closer look at Constant Contact’s top features

Event marketing

constant contact event setup

Setting up an event in Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s event marketing capabilities set it apart from other ESPs. With Constant Contact, you can send invitations to various events, including product launches, store openings, workshops, and classes. Additionally, you can seamlessly manage ticket sales, registrations, and check-ins, while also offering merchandise for sale.

What’s great is that you can also offer different ticket types, and customize event registration forms to suit your needs. Constant Contact also lets you generate printable tickets and create promotional codes, such as those for early bird registrations.

For online transactions, Constant Contact allows you to accept payments via PayPal or Stripe, streamlining the ticket purchasing process.

Overall, Constant Contact’s event management solution is particularly beneficial for smaller-scale events. The best part is that these features come at no additional cost to use, although you are charged 5.4% + $0.80 for each ticket sold or transaction conducted.

The main downside? While the functionality resembles that of popular event management tools like Eventbrite, the event landing page designs look very basic, with limited customization options. And unlike platforms like Eventbrite, Constant Contact lacks features such as the ability to add FAQ sections to landing pages, edit the thank-you page or confirmation email, and set up waitlists.

Content generator

Like a growing number of its email marketing competitors, Constant Contact have now integrated AI within their product. This includes a content generator to help you write copy for emails and social media posts with just a few prompts:

constant contact ai generator

As we’ve seen with other AI content generators, though, the quality of the output can vary. While it may serve as a useful starting point, it’s still likely to need further edits before it’s audience-ready.

Constant Contact also offer AI-powered tools for:

  • Subject line creation
  • Writing SMS
  • Spam detection

They also promise to integrate AI within more features in the future, so watch this space – we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Constant Contact Deliverability

As we’ve seen in our tests, Constant Contact’s deliverability tends to be pretty high. They are one of the providers that we’ve been testing since our very first round in 2017, and ever since they have managed to keep a stable score ranging from the high eighties to low nineties. In the last three rounds, they scored around 88% deliverability on average, and in our latest email deliverability test, they came second out of fifteen providers. They were also one of the few providers who managed to land 100% of all of their emails in Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL inboxes.


As Constant Contact themselves reiterates through their site, they are a tool for small businesses. And, as such, it’s worth evaluating them on these terms. As mentioned above, they definitely have enough of the basics covered to satisfy most small businesses, and if it were as simple as that then we’d recommend them more highly.

The issue, these days, is that there are plenty of other email tools offering even more than Constant Contact, and for a lot less money. This includes not only features, but also user experience. In fact, for the amount you pay with Constant Contact, you could find yourself using much more powerful tools such as ActiveCampaign and GetResponse.

What we’ve also noticed is a tendency to remove features that weren’t necessarily central to their product, but certainly added value. In the past, they offered extras such as a website builder, appointment booker, logo maker, and the ability to sell digital downloads – however, these no longer seem to be available.

They do pick up points for their decent deliverability rates, integrations (particularly social media integrations), and for allowing different access levels for separate users. And with recent enhancements to automations and reporting, and the addition of new features like an AI content generator, it does look like they’re making an effort to improve the product. But their lack of advanced features makes it difficult to recommend them over others at this price point. (You’ll see we don’t list them as a good Mailchimp alternative, either.)

So, there you have it: the next time you see Constant Contact as the number 1 rated service anywhere around the web, I would boldly claim that there might be other interests at play there.

Try Constant Contact now for free for 30 days.

Check out our Constant Contact tutorial to learn the basics.


Mailchimp beats Constant Contact hands down. If you’d like to get into the details, take a look at our Mailchimp vs Constant Contact comparison.

Constant Contact, in partnership with SharpSpring, offers an all-in-one CRM platform. However, at $399/month, you’d be much better off taking a look at any of these CRMs for small businesses, which will be far more affordable. There are even plenty of excellent free CRMs to choose from.

Frustratingly, you’ll need to call Constant Contact within business hours Eastern time in order to cancel your account. Here is the number for the US and Canada: 855-229-5506

Constant Contact is a legit email marketing software for small businesses. It safely stores your customer data and offers a secure way to manage your subscribers.

Constant Contact’s deliverability rates are consistently good in our bi-annual deliverability tests.

Constant Contact Alternatives

ActiveCampaign has one of the most advanced automation systems we’ve ever tried, and it can’t be compared to Constant Contact’s simplistic approach (it only features autoresponders). They also offer robust reports and analysis tools. On top of that, they are even cheaper than Constant Contact.

Brevo is one of the cheapest all-in-one email marketing tools on the market. It’s available in 6 languages and comes with advanced automation options and a built-in CRM.

GetResponse is a solid alternative. It comes with many advanced features (e.g. a webinar tool), has excellent automations and offers one of the best spam and design testing tools we’ve ever used. That’s why Constant Contact falls short when compared to GetResponse.

We have a detailed guide with the best alternatives to Constant Contact, check it out here. You can also try out our Smart Finder to see which newsletter service is best suited to you.

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