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EmailTooltester’s partner, Lankteco Solutions, offers certified Salesforce consulting services to help you integrate Salesforce Marketing Cloud with your current tech stack and achieve maximum results.

More than 15 years of experience in enterprise-level email technology – with a heavy focus on Salesforce Marketing Cloud – give Lankteco Solutions the expertise to thoughtfully assess your business needs and guide you to a tailored CRM infrastructure.

Whether you are looking to implement Salesforce for the first time or wish to optimize your existing Salesforce CRM and marketing strategy, Lankteco Solutions makes this a seamless experience, no matter what industry you operate in.

Is Contracting a Salesforce Integration Consultant Worth it?

The short answer: absolutely.

The long answer:

Salesforce products have impressive capabilities, yet are complex to set up and manage in their entirety. The highest levels of Salesforce Marketing Cloud certifications, such as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant, require years of hands-on experience in every part of the platform. This poses a threshold and makes it difficult for a business to “just set it up” with their in-house team.

Aside from the functionality itself, there are matters of design and database configuration to consider, such as:

  • making sure the sending IPs are warmed up to actually deliver email
  • integrating seamlessly into an existing IT infrastructure
  • other complex technology issues that require deep industry expertise

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An experienced Salesforce integration consultant such as Cristian will save you valuable time in getting you up and running and make sure that your setup is scalable, so that your capabilities grow with your organization's needs.

Salesforce Integration Services

Setting up an account and integrating Salesforce into your IT landscape can quickly become an intimidating task, and businesses regularly benefit from outside help to obtain the setup they need. Our Salesforce integration consulting services span the entire implementation lifecycle, from selecting a Salesforce platform (if that is the right decision for your business), to implementing and then integrating it with your other systems.

Salesforce Integration Consulting Strategy

As your Salesforce integration consultants, we'll start with an honest and thorough assessment of your current situation:

  • Are you struggling with technological limitations that you hope to resolve by adding Salesforce?
  • Do your current systems offer easy integrations with Salesforce CRM?
  • Or are you perhaps planning an overhaul of your entire IT landscape and trying to combine the best platforms for success?

We meet you where you are in your Salesforce journey and jointly map out the best possible future state and how to get you there.

Salesforce CRM Implementation

When you purchase a license from a platform provider like Salesforce, they will set up their basic system, and then it is up to you to configure it to your needs. If you’ve done the heavy lifting up front and created a technology strategy, now is the time to translate this into functionality.

We have worked with companies of all sizes in 20 European countries; to configure various Salesforce CRM systems, manage data migration and communications and advise for long-term success. There’s no project too big or too small – we look forward to doing the same for you!

Change Management

Introducing Salesforce Marketing Cloud into your technology landscape will bring some changes to the way you do things. Teams will need to adjust their ways of working to account for the new technology and perhaps even adapt to new operational models. We simplify the transition by accompanying you and your team throughout the Salesforce integration cycle:

  • We communicate changes in a timely fashion to the audience that needs the information
  • We provide live training, how-to guides and recorded walk-throughs
  • We lead user acceptance testing (UAT) sessions to ensure full understanding by all users

Our goal is to guide your company through periods of change with minimal disruption, ensuring a smooth transition to new systems, tools and processes.

Return On Your Salesforce Investment

Bottom line: you need to get more out of Salesforce than you put into it. As experienced Salesforce Integration consultants, we work closely with you to maximize your return on investment. Here’s how we’ll do that:

Targeted Licensing

Once you have established that integrating Salesforce is the way to go, we can help you assess which license will benefit you most. We help you understand the Salesforce Marketing Cloud licensing model and support options, and make sure you only pay for what your company actually needs.

Managed Services

Introducing new systems and ways of working can be disruptive, we can help you make this transition as smooth as possible for your workforce and the entire company.

If needed, we can support you through the entire setup and training phase until you are comfortable operating your Salesforce Marketing Cloud on your own.

Reduced Redundancy

Chances are, your IT infrastructure is overpopulated. Once you integrate Salesforce CRM, it may no longer be necessary to pay for other existing IT systems. We evaluate your ENTIRE tech stack, removing processes or platforms that are costing you money without adding any benefit.

Increased Productivity

You are the experts at what you do, and technology should not constrain you in any way. As your Salesforce integration partners, we'll help speed up your delivery of high-value content to your prospective clients and customers.

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