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May 11, 2022


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MailerLite are relatively new when it comes to the world of email marketing, and that youthfulness permeates throughout the tool's design, features and support offered. Not in a ‘young, crazy, fun!’ kind of way, but more of a ‘modern, clean and simple’ kind of way. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that their average office age is 25? Well, whatever it is, it’s working for them.

The MailerLite team and company values show that MailerLite is a progressive, international email marketing software. The interface is available in 5 languages, and their support agents are all over the world. They also have a mobile app! Though it's only currently available on iOS.

MailerLite recently launched a new version of their software, now affectionately calling the old version MailerLite Classic. This MailerLite review has been updated to reflect the changes to the design interface, the new features and pricing model.

MailerLite Review Summary

MailerLite offers a Free Forever plan, but even when you start paying, it's cheaper than most email marketing tools. Prices on the Growing Business plan start from $10 for 1,000 subscribers and include unlimited emails and landing pages, and over 60 modern newsletter templates. Their easy-to-use interface makes it a great email marketing software for beginners.

Even with their aforementioned simplicity, they still manage to offer a wide range of choices when it comes to things like email campaigns, landing pages and form options. And this, coupled with their fast and simple editor, really feels like a steal when you’re on their ‘Free Forever’ plan.

Note: We are in the process of updating the video review in light of the new version of MailerLite and new plans

Try MailerLite for free: https://www.emailtooltester.com/out/mailerlite/Find our detailed written review here: https://www.emailtooltester.com/en/reviews/mai... MailerLite Review: Is it For me? 2020-04-28 https://img.youtube.com/vi/0raZW7_Iu0c/hqdefault.jpg

Try MailerLite for free



Offers access to some features and caps emails at 12,000



Growing Business plan. Unlimited emails



Growing Business plan. Unlimited emails



Growing Business plan. Unlimited emails



Growing Business plan. Unlimited emails



Growing Business plan. Unlimited emails

MailerLite is one of the more affordable email providers on the market. If you’d like to read more about their prices and plans, check our pricing guide.

Free plan:

A good amount of features is included in their free version, including single trigger automation workflows. However, some features such as newsletter templates aren’t included.


A clean and simple interface makes this a great service for new and advanced users alike.

Landing page builder:

MailerLite’s landing page builder allows you to easily create and design a landing page hosted by MailerLite or on your own domain.

Excellent deliverability:

MailerLite consistently does very well in our deliverability tests, often taking the number one spot. With MailerLite, you can be confident your email campaigns arrive in your subscribers’ inbox.

Missing some pro features:

Even though it has great prices, you do miss out on a few pro features, such as full reporting, advanced automations, CRM features and spam/design testing.

Rigorous approval process:

Not necessarily a bad thing if it keeps their deliverability rates up, but it may feel a bit overkill to some users who want to get started quickly

criterion rating comments

Ease of Use

MailerLite is very easy to navigate, with most sections working fast. It has a logical structure and a clean interface. I’d say it’s one of the most user-friendly email marketing services we’ve used.

Newsletter Creation


The drag and drop email editor works smoothly and has everything you’ll need. There are tons of content blocks included, which makes adding columns and interactive elements such as surveys and image carousels super simple. They also allow you to track changes, which makes undoing mistakes easy. A feature quite unique to MailerLite is the ability to add Facebook and Twitter posts directly to your email. A user-friendly custom HTML editor is also available, though only on the Advanced plan.



Simple personalization is possible, but not if/then/else logic. You also have the ability to add ‘dynamic content’ blocks, which will display only to selected groups/segments.

Email types

Classic, A/B testing, autoresponders, surveys, recurring newsletters and date-based (specific and one-off for things like membership reminders).

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs

There is a good selection of modern templates to choose from, which are all easily customizable. Note that templates aren’t included in the free plan, though you’ll have a huge range of interactive content blocks to choose from, including discount vouchers, carousels and videos.

Email Marketing Automation

MailerLite offer marketing automation, allowing you to create workflows based on campaign actions such as opens and links clicked, or conditions based on custom fields and segments. While unable to track page visits, automation is offered to all users, even on their free plan. The automation editor is very easy to use.

List Management

You are able to segment your subscribers using a wide variety of variables. There is even a tagging system, which MailerLite calls “groups”. Through their automations you can even set up certain actions such as “when a subscriber joins one group, remove them from another group”. But it’s also not a problem for the same user to be on multiple lists, it won’t count against your subscriber limit.

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process

Very easy to create and use, with several types of forms available, including pop-up, embed, unsubscribe forms and subscribe buttons. The form templates are well-designed and easily customizable.


MailerLite offer solid deliverability rates. They’ve actually taken the winning spot in a number of our tests, including the three most recent ones. Their new domain alignment feature will no doubt further improve users’ deliverability.

Reports and Analysis

MailerLite has basic reporting available, but no dedicated section. Rather, you reach it either within campaigns, or subscribers (where you can find handy individual stats on each list). While it has ecommerce tracking, this is limited to WooCommerce and Shopify, and is lacking in social tracking. What it does have is click-mapping and geolocation stats, and Google Analytics tags can be added.


MailerLite is available in 5 languages.

Further Features

Spam- and Design-Testing

You can preview how your design will look on desktop and mobile, but not on different email clients, and there is no spam testing.

Bounce Management


After five soft bounces, or one hard bounce, subscribers are automatically moved to a bounce folder where they can be managed.



You can exclude segments or groups from receiving emails from you.

Storage available for data and images


There’s no limit on the size or amount of images you can store. There is a section called ‘File Manager’ where you can find your files.

Pro Features



SPF and DKIM (Domain Keys).

Own Domain


You can add a custom domain on the Growing Business plan. The ‘domain alignment’ feature means that all links across campaigns and confirmation emails will have your domain, instead of the MailerLite domain. This also improves deliverability.

Different levels of account access


You can choose exactly what a team member has access to. There’s also two-factor authentication (2FA) available through the Google Authenticator App.



MailerLite have plenty of integration options available (Shopify and WordPress, for example), and allow access to the developer API which will help integrate it within other apps. Also, they support Zapier, which can connect to a multitude of services.

Landing Page Builder


This is where MailerLite really shines, offering lots of really cool templates. Your landing pages can either be hosted by MailerLite, or on your own domain, and you can even create an entire website with their website builder. You design it in exactly the same way as the newsletter, so it feels logical and is very easy to use. They also have an unsubscribe page builder, which allows you to add a survey and find out why users unsubscribed from your mailing list.

Customer Support


Using email support and live chat is very fast and friendly, with the same few agents responding to your requests. Note that the free plan just has basic email support and 24/7 live chat support is reserved for the advanced plan. The knowledge base was thorough, and their free online courses are packed full of useful info. No phone support is available.

Overall rating


MailerLite is a fast and easy to use email tool, with enough features for small business owners. Considering you can have up to 1,000 subscribers for free, it’s not a bad deal.

MailerLite Classic vs New Version

Those on MailerLite Classic can move over to the new version or continue using the old one for the foreseeable future. When you do move over, you’ll be able to trial the premium features for 24 days.

There are currently no migration tools available, so I would wait for those as opposed to moving everything over manually.

New accounts created after March 22nd 2022 will automatically be on the new version.

So what’s new, and why should you switch over from MailerLite Classic?

The design interface has been updated to make it even easier to perform the desired actions, e.g. create a form, email or automation. You can see how they compare below:

classic vs new mailerlite

The newsletter, landing page, website and automation builder all remain unchanged.

New Plans and Features Added

In launching their new version, MailerLite has also updated their pricing to offer a selection of two paid plans (Growing Business and Advanced) instead of just the one. You can find out more about MailerLite’s pricing here.

With the addition of features such as the ability to sell digital products and recurring subscriptions on top of the website and landing page builder, MailerLite is definitely heading towards all-in-one marketing platform territory.

MailerLite really shines in the areas of user experience and simplicity, and it has enough features for the needs of most small businesses. Of course, being cheaper than a lot of other tools means that there are some drawbacks, for example, the automations are a little thin, and spam/design testing isn’t available.

Another area MailerLite excels in is deliverability, consistently getting top scores in our tests. We even awarded them our Best of 5 badge in April 2022 for their excellent track record.

best email deliverability 2021 award  best email deliverability badge best of 5 2022 Best Email Deliverability 2022

We used to be big fans of their ‘Forever Free’ plan, but are a little disappointed that they’ve limited some of its features now, including access to email and landing page templates and the HTML editor. However, if you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, it’ll do the job. Note that MailerLite are a little stricter on their approvals processes than other providers – you’ll need to make sure that your list collection and email sending practices are above board.

Basically, their excellent drag and drop editor and beautiful designs make MailerLite one of the best email marketing solutions for newsletter creation. So if that’s what you’re after then you don’t need to look any further.

Try MaillerLite now for free for up to 1,000 recipients.


Other tools by MailerLite include:

MailerCheck, their email verification tool to help you improve your deliverability

MailerSend, their transactional email service. Find out more here.

Sendinblue is one of the cheapest all-in-one email marketing tools on the market. It’s available in 6 languages and comes with advanced automation options and a built-in CRM.

ActiveCampaign stands out for being one of the platforms with smarter automations – the options available to you are much more advanced than with MailerLite. They are not only very powerful, but also straightforward to use.

GetResponse is a powerful alternative to MailerLite with loads of pro options (e.g. Conversion Funnel) and good automations. Unlike MailerLite, they offer their platform in more than 20 languages, and their design and testing tools are top notch.

Still not sure which is the right newsletter tool for you? Try our Smart Finder.

MailerLite is based in Vilnius, Lithuania, and store all of their data there. In case you are wondering: yes, Lithuania is part of the European Union and thereby covered by EU data protection laws.

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In an effort to reduce spam rates and keep deliverability rates high, MailerLite have recently introduced strict approvals processes for new accounts. They also take enforcing their Terms of Use seriously, and are known to immediately shut down accounts that they deem to be in violation (e.g. Forex industries, MLM, affiliate marketing). Please make sure to read their Terms of Use and Anti-Spam policy before signing up for an account.

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We really rate MailerLite. Not only is their service affordable, it’s also really easy-to-use, and comes with some great email and landing page designs.

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Yes, MailerLite is a legit email marketing platform for small businesses. Your customer data will be safely stored on its servers.

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