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Mailjet Pricing - What’s the Catch?

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mailjet pricing

We became interested in Mailjet after seeing how attractive its prices were. As it says on its website, you simply ‘pay as you grow’ and only pay according to how many emails you wish to send each month.

It’s pretty easy to use and has a nice multi-user collaboration feature, which is unique to Mailjet. You can read our full review here.

Aside from being able to send email newsletters, Mailjet is also an excellent transactional email service and allows you to send SMS.

Mailjet Pricing: What’s The Low-Down?

Aside from offering a free plan with up to 200 emails per day and no contact limit, Mailjet’s paid plans are also some of the most affordable on the market. Its Essential plan starts at $15/month and allows you to send up to 15,000 emails/month to unlimited contacts. The Premium plan starts at $25 and includes additional features such as A/B testing and marketing automation.

As all plans come with unlimited contacts, the plan you choose will depend on the features you need, and to be honest, most will probably find the Essential plan a little too… basic. Take a look for yourself below:

Prices & Plans in Detail

Subscribers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free of Mailjet branding No Yes Yes Yes
Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automations No No Yes Yes
Segmentation No Yes Yes Yes
Free sub-accounts No Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter inbox preview No No No Yes
Dedicated IP No Yes (from 150,00 emails) Yes Yes
Online support No Yes Yes Yes
Multi-user collaboration No No Yes Yes
Custom onboarding & migration No No No Yes
Deliverability services No No No Yes
Mailjet pricing based on number of emails/month
6,000 emails (200/day sending limit) Free
15,000 emails $15 a  month $25 a month Request a quote
50,000 emails $35 a  month $50 a month Request a quote
100,000 emails $95 a month $95 a month Request a quote
250,000 emails $225 a month $225 a month Request a quote
500,000 emails $425 a month $425 a month Request a quote

Mailjet Plans & Prices Summary

As you can see, Mailjet’s plans and prices are quite reasonable. We also like that you have unlimited subscribers on all plans, even the Free plan.

When it comes to features, you’ll find the Free plan to be slightly limited with its daily sending limit and feature restrictions. That said, if you need features such as A/B testing, segmentation and marketing automation then $25/month for unlimited subscribers and 15,000 emails isn’t bad at all.

Compare Mailjet’s prices against those of the top email marketing services on the market to see just how affordable they are.

It’s also possible to send transactional SMS through Mailjet. Prices depend on the country you wish to send to and how many you wish to send – the more you send, the cheaper each SMS.

It is slightly disappointing that a key feature like being able to preview how your email will look in a subscriber’s inbox is only available on the Custom plan. You can send yourself a test email though.

If you’re looking for an affordable email newsletter or transactional email service then Mailjet is a good option, especially since it has such great deliverability.

That said, if you’re in need of more advanced features like complex automations but still want to keep costs low, you might like to check out Sendinblue, which also has very reasonable prices.

Since Mailjet has a forever free plan, you can test it out for as long as you like.

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20 Sept 2021 - Prices updated

Yes. Mailjet offers a 10% discount to users who pay annually.

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Mailjet offers a free plan, which allows you to send up to 200 emails a day (up to 6,000 emails per month). Its paid plans start from $15/month

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