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Freshsales is one of Freshworks’ many products. However, with a few name changes and alterations to the pricing structure, it hasn’t always been very clear what the product included and how much it would cost you.

Freshsales’ pricing used to have a much more complicated multi-tier structure, and you had to commit to an entire year. Thankfully, they’ve now simplified their pricing and allow users to pay on a monthly basis, much to our approval.

What some people might call Freshworks CRM is in fact Freshsales, and as the name implies, it’s geared toward sales teams.

It offers three different plans: Growth, Pro and Enterprise.

Read on to find out what features each plan includes and if it’s worth paying that bit extra for the Pro plan.

How Much Does Freshsales Cost?

Growth is the most affordable of the three plans, with prices starting at $11/user/month. The Pro plan starts at $47/month per user, and the Enterprise tier comes in at $71. Discounts offered if you pay annually. There is also a Forever Free plan available with limited features.

Freshsales Pricing And Plans Side-by-Side

Price $0/user/month $11/user/month $47/user/month $71/user/month
Contact, deal & account management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tasks, appointments, and notes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Activity dashboard Yes Yes Yes
Rename modules Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom fields: Basic Yes Yes Yes
Custom fields: Advanced ​​ Yes Yes
Product catalog Yes Yes Yes
Workflows 20 50 100
Visual sales pipelines Yes Yes Yes
Multiple sales pipelines 10 10
Sales goals Yes Yes
Sales Forecasting Yes
Sales teams Max 50 Max 100
Data storage 2 GB per user 5 GB per user 100 GB per user
Two-way email sync Yes Yes Yes
Sales sequences 5 per user 10 per user 25 per user
Custom reports Yes Yes Yes
Website tracking Yes
Built-in phone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Predictive contact scoring Yes Yes Yes
Live chat Yes Yes Yes Yes
24×5 support Yes Yes Yes Yes

Freshsales Feature Comparison

Looking at the table, it’s easy to see that the free version is quite limited; you won’t even be able to access the activity dashboard or add basic custom fields. If you’re specifically looking for a free CRM, I’d recommend HubSpot.

Growth vs Pro Plan

It’s quite likely you’re weighing up whether to go with the Growth or the Pro plan, and at $11 and $47 respectively, there’s quite a big difference in price.

So when would you go with the Pro plan?

This plan is directed at larger teams, as you can have up to 50 users on an account. It makes sense, then, that you’d be able to set up a greater number of sales pipelines (10 more than on the Growth plan) and workflows (50 compared to Growth’s 20). You’ll also be able to add advanced custom fields and set up a total of 10 sales sequences per user.

Is Freshsales Free?

Freshsales does offer a Forever Free plan with limited features. It also has a 21-day free trial available to test out its more advanced features.

The Free plan includes built-in phone, 24×5 customer support, live chat and contact, deal & account management.

Be aware that no reports are available in the free plan, and you won’t have access to the sales funnel view in the deals section. Find out how it compares to the best free CRM software on the market.


Phone credits (Available on all paid plans):

Starting from $25 one-off payment

Workflows (Available on all paid plans):

$5 one-off payment

Configure, price, quote (CRQ) (Available on all paid plans):


What’s missing?

Freshsales is predominantly a sales automation software, which is why you won’t find much in the way of email marketing features. Freshworks CRM does actually offer its own marketing services under its product ‘Freshmarketer’, but with prices starting at $23/month, you’d need a significant budget if you were to sign up to both this and Freshsales.

But wait, there’s actually a third product called Freshsales Suite that combines the top sales and marketing features in one.

Freshsales Suite – All-in-One Sales and Marketing Software

Price $0 $11/user/month $47/user/month $71/user/month
Marketing contacts 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000
Contact, deal & account management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in chat, email, & phone Yes Yes Yes Yes
24×5 support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app Yes Yes Yes Yes
AI-powered predictive contact scoring Yes Yes Yes
Workflows Yes Yes Yes
Custom reports & dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Visual sales pipeline Yes Yes Yes
Drag & drop journey builder Yes Yes Yes
Multiple sales pipelines Yes Yes
Product catalog Yes Yes
Sales teams & regional management Yes Yes
AI-powered deal insights Yes Yes
WhatsApp Business Yes Yes
AI-powered forecasting insights Yes
Transactional emails Yes
Custom modules Yes
Dedicated account manager Yes

You might be thinking that this table looks just like the one above, but what they’ve done is reduce the overall range of sales CRM features included and added a marketing feature to each of the plans.

In Freshsales Suite, the Growth plan comes with a drag and drop journey builder for your email marketing automations. The product catalog, which was available in the Growth plan with Freshsales, is now only offered to those on the Pro plan and higher. Enterprise sees the addition of transactional emails.

To be honest, if you’re looking for a sales and marketing suite, I’d recommend you check out these all-in-one CRM platforms for small businesses before you commit to Freshsales.

Freshsales Pricing Conclusion

Freshsales is a fairly reasonably-priced sales CRM with a good range of sales features. Its ‘all-in-one’ suite could probably do with a few more features, though if it includes the ones you need, then it might be worth it.

I like that it offers a free plan to help small businesses get started. Plus, the free trial lets you try out the advanced features for 21 days, so I’d recommend you do so before you commit.

Try Freshsales for free!


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