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HubSpot, if you haven’t heard, is quite a big deal. They have been active for more than fifteen years. They’re a publicly traded company and offer a complete solution for CRM, inbound marketing, email marketing, website building, analytics, and so much more.

There’s almost too much going on! But for the sake of this introduction, here is the most basic HubSpot pricing info I can give in a nutshell (we'll take a deeper look at the plans further down):

HubSpot Pricing: What do I get?

HubSpot offers 7 different products. HubSpot CRM, which is available for free, and the following paid plans: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Operations Hub, Content Hub and Commerce Hub.

Each plan has specific functions and add-ons with various tiers: Free, Starter ($20/month), Professional ($400$890) and Enterprise ($1200$3600).

The new Marketing+ plan offers the Marketing Hub and Content Hub in one. And then there are the bundle solutions, that let you select and bundle various products and add-ons and adapt them to your individual requirements. The good news is that this option comes at a discounted price.

What Do HubSpot Products Offer Exactly?

With so many plans and tiers, pricing for HubSpot can get confusing quickly. Here is a summary of the features included in the various plans, however, you can compare HubSpot costs in the table further down.

The first one I’ll focus on is HubSpot Free CRM. As far as customer relationship management tools go, it is a very complete package. Like with every other HubSpot product, it’s heavily focused on sales. With it, you can:

  • Track leads and customers
  • Create timelines for customer interactions
  • Chat in real-time with prospects
  • Integrate with Gmail and Outlook
  • Aggregate communications from emails or social media
  • Create tasks and goals for your team
  • Add team profiles
  • And loads more.

Then, there’s the Marketing Hub. It’s aimed at experienced marketers and marketing teams. You can do everything related to broadcasting your message, including:

  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Build SEO strategy
  • Manage adverts
  • Set up automated campaigns
  • Add and upload content
  • Get full reporting and analytics
  • and more

The Sales Hub is full of advanced sales features and tools for expert teams. Here’s what's included:

  • Email templates
  • Contact and company insights
  • Email tracking and notifications
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Team email
  • And more…

Finally, Service Hub is all about customer support. You get:

  • Ticketing
  • Live chat
  • Conversation bots
  • Canned snippets
  • Meeting scheduling
  • and more

With the Content Hub (formerly CMS Hub), you get a complete content marketing software, which includes:

  • AI software to create blog articles, brand identities, text translations, images, etc.
  • AI assistant
  • Multilingual websites + blogs
  • Customized designs
  • Forms
  • Member pages
  • Website tracking
  • Landing pages
  • Podcasts
  • and more

The Operations Hub lets you collect, manage and optimize data. You can use it to keep your data consistent across platforms and make work processes smoother by:

  • Data synchronization with other platforms
  • Data cleansing
  • Process automation including workflows
  • The creation of data records
  • Snowflake integration
  • and more

The Commerce Hub lets you manage your payments and everything around it in HubSpot. You can:

  • Create and send invoices
  • Collect and process payments (fees apply)
  • Streamline subscriptions
  • Create automations
  • Get insights through reports
  • Create digital notes and signatures
  • and more

Find out more about how the features perform in our HubSpot review.

Prices and Plans in Detail

Because there’s a lot on offer with HubSpot, I’ll focus on the main features for each tier. Of course, as you move up, they get increasingly expensive (and I mean expensive), except for HubSpot CRM, which is 100% free.

If the paid plans are too pricey for you, check out our HubSpot alternatives article, where you'll find plenty of great options.

All prices are for monthly plans, though, be aware that you'll need to commit to an annual contract if you opt for the Professional plan.

Free plans always come with HubSpot branding – you need the Starter plan minimum to remove it. You can also pay in seven currencies: EUR, JAP, USD, GBP, COP, SGD and AUD.

The last thing to note is that different plans give you more users. They are like admin accounts that can access every feature of the plan. If you don't want to pay for extra users, you can have some on the free plan and others on the paid account.

Free * Starter Professional Enterprise
HubSpot Free CRM

Try free plan

The service is 100% free. You can add unlimited users and 1M contacts. N/A N/A N/A
Marketing Hub

Free trial

$0 a month.

Tools like forms, email marketing, and basic chatbots.

2,000 email sends/mo


Adds lead capture forms, ads and automation, amongst other features.

Up to 1,000 email contacts

Email sends: 5x contacts


+  $3,000 onboarding fee

Adds all the inbound marketing features like SEO & content strategy, landing pages, calls to action, phone support, social media, etc.

Email sends: 10x contacts

Up to 2,000 email contacts

3 licenses included


+  $6,000 onboarding fee

This gives you the whole package, including sophisticated analytics, CMS membership, custom reports and YouTube integration, etc.

Up to 10,000 email contacts

Email sends: 20x contacts

5 licenses included

Sales Hub

Free trial

$0 a month.

A good selection of tools with limited use. For example, email tracking is limited to 200 emails. You can call users for up to 15 mins, etc.

Up to 5 users free of charge


Adds calling time (8 hours), unlimited email tracking, email sequences, and conversation bots.

1 user included.


+  $1500 onboarding fee

Adds phone support, 300 sales automation workflows, Salesforce integration, and more. 10 electronic signatures/month.


+  $3,500 onboarding fee

English call transcription, 30 e-signatures per month, predictive lead scoring, up to 10 teams can be set up.

Service Hub

Free trial

$0 a month.

Good for one person. Ticketing, live chat, email and chat to ticket, 5 canned snippets, 1 meeting link per month.

Up to 5 users free of charge


Adds conversation routing, more meeting scheduling options, canned snippets, email templates and email sequences. 10 electronic signatures/month.


+  $1500 onboarding fee

You can build a knowledge base, add Salesforce integration, phone support and customer feedback.


+  $3,500 onboarding fee

Work in multiple currencies, add custom reporting, goals, 1,000 playbooks per month.

Content Hub

Free Trial

$0 a month

Good for one person. Ticketing, live chat, email, 5 saved snippets, 1 meeting link per month.

Up to 5 users free of charge


Adds an AI assistant, an image generator, an option to set up different currencies, CTAs, and personal customer support.


Offers custom reporting, advanced statistics, AI translations, podcasts, A/B testing, SEO analysis tools, Salesforce synchronization, staging, etc.

3 licenses included


Adds the option to create up to 300 teams, assign access rights, manage multiple websites, host web apps, etc.

5 licenses included

Operations Hub

Free Trial


Offers data synchronization between HubSpot and third-party apps

Up to 5 users free of charge


Offers data synchronization and data cleansing functions for customer data, personal support, etc.


Adds workflow triggers, AI support for data optimization, teams, custom reports, etc.

1 license included


Adds extended authorizations, data records, standard sandbox account, etc.

1 license included


Free Trial




Marketing Hub and Content Hub in one.

Including AI translations, marketing automation, campaign reports, custom reports, dynamic pages, etc.


(Introductory fee)

Customer journey analysis, automatic lead scoring, extended admin options, managing multiple websites, etc.

CRM Suite

(All products bundled together)

Free trial (25% off)


Up to 5 users free of charge


All hubs

1,000 marketing contacts

1 license included


(Introductory fee)

All hubs

2,000 marketing contacts

3 licenses included


(Introductory fee)

All hubs

10,000 marketing contacts

5 licenses included

HubSpot Prices: Add-ons and Extras

As if there wasn’t enough going on already, HubSpot gives you the ability to tack on more features and add extra users. With every plan, you get the opportunity to add:

  • CMS: to build a fast, mobile-optimized website. You can purchase this product as part of the Content Hub bundle or the Starter CRM suite, with prices starting at $20/month. A limited free version is also available.
  • Custom reports: more customizable with templates and dashboards sent directly via email. $200 per month.
  • API: to increase the API call volume of your integrations. Get up to 1,000,000 calls per day for $500 a month/month.


Adding additional users is also an option. The price varies depending on which package you use.

  • Each new user added as part of the Starter plan costs $15 per month (with an annual contract)
  • Additional users for the Professional plan cost $45 per month (with an annual contract).
  • With the Enterprise plan, each additional user costs $75 per month (with an annual contract).
  • These are basic licenses. Additional specific licenses can be purchased for the individual hubs, each with different prices.

Marketing Contacts

If you are using the Marketing Hub, it’s also possible to increase the contact limit for your plan.

On the Starter plan: $50 a month per 1,000 contacts.

On the Professional plan: $250 a month for an extra 5,000 contacts.

On the Enterprise plan: $100 a month for an extra 10,000 contacts.

These are basic licenses. Additional specific licenses can be purchased for the individual hubs, each with different prices.


Finally, HubSpot offers consultancy and training from their expert teams:

  • Inbound consulting monthly: monthly session with a marketing or sales expert, plus quarterly inbound reports for $500 a month.
  • Inbound consulting ongoing: same as above, but for five hours a month for $1,750 monthly.
  • Technical consulting ongoing: five hours of consultation with a technical expert for $1,800 a month.
  • Premium consulting: five hours a month with an inbound consultant and technical consultant for $3,200 a month.
  • There are also various on-site training programs available

Hidden Costs and Onboarding Fees

Depending on which plan you go for, you may encounter some pretty steep onboarding fees, which you're required to pay regardless of whether you need the service or not.

  • Marketing Professional plan: requires a $3,000 onboarding fee
  • Marketing Enterprise plan: requires a $7,000 onboarding fee
  • Sales Professional plan: requires a $1500 onboarding fee
  • Sales Enterprise plan: requires a $3,500 onboarding fee
  • Service Professional plan: requires a $1500onboarding fee
  • Service Enterprise plan: requires a $3,500 onboarding fee

HubSpot Pricing – Conclusion

HubSpot's prices can be quite steep. The tools on offer are very powerful, but as always with enterprise solutions, I feel like a lot of the features aren’t exactly necessary. Some features crossover between products. They also feel “puffed up” for the sake of it. And worst of all, adding extra users to HubSpot is more expensive on the higher tiers.

Now, would I recommend the free plan? Definitely! If you want to try something that big companies use, and you don’t mind the HubSpot branding, give it a go. We're happy that HubSpot has reduced the cost of their Starter plans to be more aligned with other dedicated CRM solutions that offer similar features. Thankfully, HubSpot no longer requires an annual commitment for their Starter plans, so these are definitely worth considering for your business.

It's certainly a good all-in-one solution for those looking for a wide range of sales and marketing features. However, if you're just looking for an email marketing service, I’d stick with top dedicated solutions like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse and MailerLite.

> Click here to try HubSpot for free

Hubspot Pricing: Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing, as far as I can tell. Everything is Hubspot-branded, but I don’t feel it will hurt your reputation. That said, you will be missing core features, so the offer is designed to make you buy into the more expensive tiers. However, Hubspot’s free CRM should offer enough for small businesses.

Yes. Hubspot has a pricing calculator that takes different variables into account. For example, you can add more users to each Starter plan, or marketing contacts if you’re on the Marketing Hub. Professional and Enterprise tiers also require “professional onboarding”, which is very expensive and non-negotiable.

Yes, there is! HubSpot for Startups is a special initiative that allows newly founded companies to get a huge reduction in their HubSpot bill.

Depending on your eligibility, you can save between 30 – 90% in the first year, as well as possible ongoing discounts. Find all details here.


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