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New: 5-Day Email Marketing Course for SEOs

Want to be less dependent on Google?

I’ve been there. SEO has been fantastic for a long time. But with the latest series of Google updates, all that changed

Our traffic became increasingly volatile and traffic dropped by around 30%. I knew I needed to take action if I wanted my business to recover.

That’s why I expanded our email marketing efforts, and the results have been fantastic!

At EmailTooltester, our email list in now growing at a rate of 250% and we’re receiving hundreds of monthly visitors via our automated emails and newsletters. Contacts who know us and are therefore much more likely to convert.

What’s in it for me?

As an SEO, you already possess many of the skills you need for email marketing. But there are some important differences and common pitfalls to avoid.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage your SEO skills to build your list quickly
  • What’s are the best (affordable) email marketing services?
  • Copywriting tips
  • Email deliverability: how to avoid the spam filter

I’ve decided to offer this course for free (for now).

After signing up, you’ll receive 5 emails over 5 days that teach you everything you need to know to get started.


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What's Included?
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The MOST effective way to build your subscriber base

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Tailored email marketing service recommendations

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How to ensure your emails stay out of spam

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Copywriting tips to make your emails stand out from the rest

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Insider recommendations for tools to boost your ROI (most are free!)

Who Created this Course?

Hi, I’m Robert, the founder of EmailTooltester.

My journey with email marketing began in 2006, working for a digital marketing agency in Germany. Four years in, I discovered the power of SEO, which was the main driver of the Tooltester brand.

I never stopped using email marketing. However, I didn’t prioritize it as much as SEO—until Google began taking more and more traffic away from content sites like mine. This shift made me realize: we need to become a lot less dependent on Google!

Email marketing has now become a strategic tool for us. We’ve gained thousands of signups through the use of lead magnets (more on that in my course), which has been driving significant traffic and conversions to EmailTooltester.

Leverage your SEO skills to become an email marketing pro in record time.  Sign up for my free 5-day email marketing course today.