You have no idea if your emails are actually reaching their intended recipients.

From our own testing, we know how common deliverability issues are. On average, around 14% of all emails either get blocked or hit the spam folders.

It's very challenging to even know that this is happening.

Our Deliverability Audit is tailored for those suspecting or experiencing issues with email or newsletter delivery.

Such hurdles can undoubtedly prove costly for your business, lowering your ROI. Especially if missed sales opportunities result from these lost emails. An Email Deliverability Audit can be an invaluable investment towards rectifying this issue.

Why should you book an Email Deliverability Audit with us?

At EmailTooltester, we are known for our rigorous deliverability tests since 2017. Conducted bi-annually on 15 different email marketing services including ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Constant Contact, we aim to ensure your messages are received loud and clear.

Moreover, these tests have gained recognition in the industry and have been mentioned on many prominent websites:

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By diagnosing the root causes of delivery failures and suggesting actionable solutions, our audit aims to significantly improve your email deliverability rate. This, in turn, can lead to better engagement with your audience, increasing your email marketing ROI and enhancing your brand's reputation.

See what Buffie Lewis, founder and owner of ecommerce store Brick Built said about her experience using our service:

Our goal was to improve our email deliverability. We scheduled a Deliverability Audit and…WOW! It revealed issues with our current ESP we never knew about! With Robert's help, we found a much better performing newsletter service.

This service is ideal for:

Businesses making a direct return from their email newsletters, for example:

  • Online stores and other ecommerce businesses that sell through their newsletter lists.
  • Marketing agencies who want to achieve better results for their clients.
  • Service chains, including gyms, cleaning services, financial institutions etc.
  • Educational institutions

You'll receive the greatest benefit from our service if your subscriber list has 10,000+ subscribers.

This service isn't suitable for:

  • Companies sending mass cold outreach emails; often, there is a good reason these emails get flagged as spam.
  • Businesses with subscriber lists smaller than 3,000 subscribers (unless they are high-value customers).
  • Senders to newsletter lists that are not permission-based (i.e., those without an opt-in).

email deliverability audit service

Roberta Phillips and Robert Brandl – Two of our email marketing experts

EmailTooltester’s Deliverability Audit: What’s Included

We’ll run two to three separate deliverability tests – one initial test and another one after our recommendations have been implemented. If we need to implement further refinements, we'll run a third one.

In your audit, we’ll look at:

  • Your sender reputation
  • Whether authentication has been set up correctly
  • Email content analysis (images and links)
  • Domain health
  • Deliverability rates to 30+ email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook as well as international providers such as GMX, Yandex, etc.)
  • The email service provider (ESP) you’re using
  • and your adherence to email sending best practices

Screenshots of our deliverability analysis

This is what the reports are going to look like. We'll find the origin of your deliverability issues and provide the exact measures you can take to fix them.

Benefits of Using our Email Deliverability Audit Service

Save time and hassle: We handle all the technical details, so you can focus on creating content and running your business.

Transparent pricing: Our pricing is affordable with no hidden fees or surprises and a 30-days money-back guarantee.

Actionable recommendations: Clear and concise recommendations you can implement immediately for tangible results.

How our Email Deliverability Audit works:

For the initial audit, we will provide what is known as a “seed list”, which contains approximately 60 test email addresses. You need to upload this list to your newsletter tool. Afterward, you should send the email or newsletter you wish to test to this list. Doing so will allow us to evaluate the following:

  • Whether your email authentication has been set up correctly
  • Which email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) received the email and where it landed (main inbox, promotions or spam)
  • Whether you're on any blocklists
  • Quality issues with your email content

Following the audit, you will receive a personal report containing our recommendations to improve your delivery score. We also welcome any further questions regarding our report, which you can send us via email.


The Deliverability Audit and tailored recommendations are priced at $350. It includes three individual deliverability tests and tailored recommendations. It's a small investment, both in terms of your time and money, for a potentially substantial return.

You can purchase it through this link:


Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If you feel that our audit wasn't as helpful as expected, you can claim your money back within 30 days of the audit's completion. This should give you enough time to evaluate the results. Just email us and we will refund our fee.

How will I communicate with you?

All communication will be conducted via email. However, should any complex issues arise regarding your technical setup, a video call can be arranged (please note, this may incur an additional consulting fee).

What if I need any additional assistance?

We will help you set up your authentication in case we detect any issues. If an authentication setup is all you need, you can also book this as a separate service.

For anything else, you can contact us for an offer or book a consulting call.

I work for an email service provider. Can you help us with our deliverability?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer our service to ESPs, as this would create a conflict of interest with our regular deliverability tests.

Do you provide an invoice?

Yes, we will provide an invoice for you, compliant with all applicable tax laws and regulations (including EU).


Let us know if you have any additional questions via our contact form.