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Newsletter2Go started up in Berlin in 2011, making it something of a newcomer on the block compared to its competition. The entire platform was relaunched not that long ago.

There are three different pricing plans to choose from: Lite, Standard, and Pro. The features included vary considerably depending on which plan you opt for. The price you pay is also determined by the number of emails you send per month, rather than being based on subscribers. Users who don't write to the same recipients multiple times each month will find this a more cost-effective option than those offered by most of the competitors.

Interestingly, costs can come down even further if newsletter campaigns perform well. Newsletter2Go offers this reward system with the main aim of landing good customers who won't receive any complaints about spam. This unique concept is known as "Credit Payback".

New features are also being added all the time. These include: responsive design templates, autoresponder emails, and effective recipient management which is ideal for agencies.

We'll be looking at the strengths and weaknesses offered by the Berlin-based company in more detail below.

Newsletter2Go Screenshots

Newsletter2Go Pricing

$ 0

1,000 Subscribers

1,000 Emails

Lite plan: the first 1,000 emails are free each month

$ 20

2,500 Subscribers

2,500 Emails

Lite plan, price based on emails sent. Discount available for yearly plan.

$ 40

5,000 Subscribers

5,000 Emails

Lite plan, price based on emails sent. Discount available for yearly plan.

$ 55

7,500 Subscribers

7,500 Emails

Lite plan, price based on emails sent. Discount available for yearly plan.

$ 80

10,000 Subscribers

10,000 Emails

Lite plan, price based on emails sent. Discount available for yearly plan.

$ 125

20,000 Subscribers

20,000 Emails

Lite plan, price based on emails sent. Discount available for yearly plan.

The prices shown here are for the Lite package. There are three Newsletter2Go plans in total: LITE, STANDARD, and PRO.

The LITE package is recommended for beginners given that it includes 1000 emails per month at no cost.

The STANDARD package (from $20 per month) comes with the address book feature, a 1 GB media library, the option to send files as email attachments, and more.

The PRO package (from $275 per month) is unlimited, making it the optimum choice for agencies. Pay as you go plans are also available.

Find out more about Newsletter2Go pricing

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Recipient list management

    This feature comes with extremely granular segmentation options. The address book feature makes it possible to manage different recipient target groups and geographical regions, among other things.

  • Very good deliverability rates

    Newsletter2Go consistently scores very high inbox placement rates.

  • Excellent free plan

    1000 emails are included free of charge each month along with all of the functions that fall under the Lite package.

  • High data protection standards

    This is an advantage for companies that have to comply with the European data protection regulations. Data is only ever managed in Germany.

Rating Details

Ease of Use

The software has an extremely clear structure and is easy to use. Plus, the editor loads very quickly.

Editor Info popup

On the whole, the newsletter editor leaves a good impression. It’s very well organized and there’s even the option to edit the mobile version separately. However, it wouldn’t hurt to have the option to access the HTML code for the text blocks directly.

Personalization Info popup

Customizable options can be selected with ease using if/then/else conditions. Entire content blocks can even be segmented for specific recipients.

Email types Info popup

Standard single newsletters, A/B testing (multivariate testing), regular campaigns (e.g., birthday emails), welcome emails, mass emails, and follow-up campaigns using the segmentation feature. There is also the option of sending transactional emails via API.

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs Info popup

There are plenty of framework templates that can be customized with ease. These are all responsive (optimized for mobile devices). There are only a few ready-made templates and most are not available in the Lite plan. Newsletter2Go does offer a creation service, but this costs extra (from $649). There is also the option for users to upload their own HTML templates.

Email Marketing Automation Info popup

Welcome emails and date-based emails. The mass email function can also be used to set autoresponder emails, but unfortunately this is a really complicated process. Further automation is also possible thanks to API integration through the transactional email function.

List Management Info popup

It is possible to import in CSV or Excel file format or by linking up directly to a CRM system/CMS. The segmentation options are excellent. There is also the address book feature, which can be used to completely separate different recipient target groups (this will mainly be of interest to agencies that manage a range of customers).

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process Info popup

The form editor is easy to use, but currently has limited design options (only using CSS). Recipients can change and/or add to their data themselves using the recipient profile form.

Deliverability Info popup

During the tests we conducted, Newsletter2Go proved to be very reliable when delivering emails to all of the main email providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo).

Reports and Analysis

Extensive data is provided (e.g., email clients used and click map). Alongside customizable click and opening data, there is also the option to run analyses by segments. It’s compatible with Google Analytics, and conversion targets can be set.

Languages Info popup

UTF-8 encoding is used when sending emails, which means different languages can be used. The tool itself is available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Polish.

Spam- and Design-Testing Info popup

The spam test runs automated checks against the most relevant criteria. The templates have been tested for the main email clients. You can also arrange for a design test to be performed by an external provider.

Bounce Management Info popup

Hard bounces are blocked immediately, whilst delivery is attempted three times for soft bounces.

Blocklist Info popup

Blocklists can be imported.

Storage available for data and images

50MB - Unlimited

The storage space depends on the plan selected. Just 50 MB is included with the Lite package and 1 GB is included with the Standard package. The storage space is unlimited with the Pro package. It is also possible to send files as email attachments (e.g., PDF, DOC, XLS) on the Standard or Pro plan.

Authentication Info popup

There is compatibility with SPF, Sender ID, and DKIM (a separate record can be added to the DNS). A dedicated IP address can be added with the Pro plan.

Own Domain Info popup

It’s possible for users to specify a (sub)domain of their own as a tracking link. Otherwise, the newsletter links include the account name and the domain “”.

Different levels of account access Info popup

User access for team members can be set up in a very granular way (with the Standard and Pro plans).


Free integration is possible with WordPress, Salesforce, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. API is an available option.

Landing Page Builder Info popup

Landing pages have to be created externally.

Customer Support

Our email inquiries were generally answered quickly and competently. There are also video tutorials and webinars that are suitable for beginners. Over-the-phone support is available with the Standard and Pro plans.

Overall rating


Newsletter2Go is an innovative provider that is constantly adding new features. The range of responsive design templates and extremely reliable deliverability won’t fail to impress.


Following the upgrade to the new software version, Newsletter2Go has been improved in a number of ways. The interface has a fresh new look and above all the form editor and report options are much more effective.

Having said that, it is still lacking in functionality in a few key areas – the most important being a proper autoresponder feature. As Newsletter2Go has always been incredibly open to innovation, it should only be a matter of time before we see email automation features.

Flat-rate plans would be ideal for those who write to the same contacts multiple times in a month. As Newsletter2Go calculates the costs on the basis of the number of emails sent (rather than the recipients), the price can end up skyrocketing as it stands. However, the Lite plan can be extremely cost-effective for users who know that they will only be sending one newsletter per month.

Our verdict is that anyone who is looking for a cheap and cheerful solution for sending newsletters and doesn’t require any really advanced features (such as automation workflows) will find themselves in safe hands with this Berlin-based provider.

Click here for a free trial of Newsletter2Go.

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