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CleverReach is already ranked among the major do-it-yourself email marketing tools in the European market. Set up in Germany in 2007, the company claims that its newsletter software is now used by over 220,000 customers. And now it looks like it’s time to conquer the English-speaking market too…

The first thing worth mentioning is that CleverReach has some very interesting features, including A/B split testing, dynamic content blocks, RSS campaigns, transactional emails and order reports for online stores.

With the Lite plan, you can send up to 1000 free emails to as many as 250 subscribers, although you do have to put up with some adverts. Then again, the free plan does also let you take advantage of email marketing automation and one-to-one support. Your other options are the Prepaid (pay as you go), Prepaid Monthly, Flat Rate, and High Volume plans.

We’ve taken a closer look at the tool to help you decide whether or not this provider could be the right choice for you.

CleverReach Screenshots

CleverReach Pricing

$ 0

250 Subscribers

1,000 Emails

Free plan with some limitations

$ 30

2,600 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 50

5,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 79

7,500 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 89

10,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 109

15,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 134

20,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 219

30,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 239

40,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 249

50,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 299

75,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 399

10,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

$ 559

125,000 Subscribers

unlimited emails

Flat Rate plan

Please note that monthly plans can be changed or canceled every month. Prepaid options are also available.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Cons


  • Use your own domain name for links

    You can use your own (sub-)domain name for tracking links without any extra cost, which can be an advantage in terms of both branding and deliverability.

  • Excellent deliverability

    CleverReach has performed very well in our latest deliverability tests.

  • Email automation

    Offers reasonable automation options with a workflow view. What’s also great is that these features are included in every plan. Transactional emails, e.g. automatic order or dispatch confirmations, can also be sent.

Rating Details

Ease of Use

The tool has a neat and tidy layout with lots of help buttons offering explanations in a flash.

Editor Info popup

The editor is based on a drag-and-drop system that is fairly decent for the most part. Having said that, there is definitely room for improvement. For instance, there is no “Undo” feature that applies to the editor as a whole. One thing that can be confusing is the parallel use of ‘pt’, ’em’ and ‘px’ for font sizes. This may cost you some extra time when you’re formatting text.

Personalization Info popup

There is a convenient if/then/else editor for dynamic text blocks like salutations. You can even target individual content blocks to specific segments of your user base. This way you are able to fully customize the content of your newsletters.

Email types Info popup

Individual and regular campaigns, autoresponders, A/B split testing, RSS campaigns, follow-up campaigns or transactional emails – all of this is possible with CleverReach.

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs Info popup

There are around 60 ready-made template designs that are also responsive (“Design Templates” category). On top of these, you can also take your pick from several basic templates that you can use to put together your own designs (“Responsive” category).

Email Marketing Automation Info popup

You can set up workflows using the THEA automation center, although these are sadly still separate from the standard campaigns. However, there are plenty of features, such as tagging and follow-up campaigns, and purchases can be incorporated into these workflows.

List Management Info popup

There are a number of different options for importing lists and it is easy to divide them into segments.

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process Info popup

The editor for forms used to register and unsubscribe is straightforward. There is the option of double opt-in. If you’re on the Free or Prepaid plan, you’ll have to put up with a CleverReach advertising button if you don’t host your own forms.

Deliverability Info popup

CleverReach has clearly invested in this area in recent years, scoring in the mid-nineties in our latest deliverability tests. In our most recent deliverability test, they were one of providers who were least likely to have any emails go missing. Good job!

Reports and Analysis

Here you get everything you could ever wish for, including geographic and email client analysis. Google Analytics tracking strings are generated automatically. If you have an online store, you can monitor conversions and sales too.

Languages Info popup

Available in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, French and Italian. Sending works with UTF-8 coding, which is compatible with any language of your choice.

Spam- and Design-Testing Info popup

Tests are run to determine the risk of being caught by the main spam filters. There is also the option of testing how emails are displayed by standard email clients (via Litmus). Both of these tests incur a charge. Find out how to avoid spam filters here.

Bounce Management Info popup

Recipients are deactivated automatically after the third hard bounce.

Blocklist Info popup

Import and export facilities are provided.

Storage available for data and images

5MB - 1GB

The Free plan comes with 5 MB. Storage space of 1 GB is provided for users with monthly plans and prepaid usage.

Authentication Info popup

SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM are supported. Compliance with GDPR is also guaranteed and the company is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA).

Own Domain Info popup

You can use your own (sub-)domain name for tracking links and you can set the sender email address as you wish.

Different levels of account access Info popup

Various users of CleverReach can be assigned different access rights. There is also an agency solution that allows you to grant access to customers or individual departments (within a larger enterprise).


Zapier, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, Sage, SugarCRM, and many more. APIs are another option available.

Landing Page Builder Info popup

Landing pages have to be created externally.

Customer Support

Ticket system and knowledge base: We found the level of email support offered during our tests to be reasonable.

Overall rating


CleverReach offers a very decent range of features and excellent deliverability. It’s also really quick and easy for beginners to get to grips with the software. Prices are quite high, unfortunately.


The wide range of features on offer makes CleverReach a decent choice for users sending both small and larger volumes of emails. On the whole, working with this newsletter tool is nice and straightforward.

There are a few things that clearly need improvement, like the forms that are not responsive and the fact that the editor can sometimes behave a bit clunky (although nothing too terrible). But probably the main criticism is CleverReach’s high prices compared to similar newsletter software providers.

On the other hand, the THEA email automation module is rather exciting, as it can be used to set up automated campaigns in a workflow view. We were also delighted to discover that CleverReach’s deliverability has improved, securing a top position in our most recent test.

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