Sendinblue Review - The Cheapest All-in-One Solution?

roberta phillips

Feb 3, 2020


Starting life as a digital agency, Sendinblue’s email marketing platform was developed in response to one of the biggest challenges faced by small-to-medium businesses: automating email marketing on a budget.

Everything, from its comprehensive feature set (which includes a CRM, marketing automation, transactional emails, SMS, landing pages and Facebook ads), to its extremely competitive pricing, shows that Sendinblue is serious about becoming a major player in this historically underserved market. It even has a very good email plugin for WordPress.

Its efforts seem to be paying off, with over 80,000 users and 100 million emails sent per day! For a company that’s a relative newcomer (it was launched in 2012), it’s not bad at all.

Sendinblue Review: What to expect

Sendinblue has a nicely-featured free plan, which includes marketing automation, phone support (for the first 60 days) and up to 300 emails per day. The advanced automations included offer web tracking and lead scoring. Unlike other providers, they charge based on the number of emails you send rather than how many contacts you have. Paid plans start at $25 a month for 40,000 emails.

Now let’s dive in and see whether this platform lives up to its promise of delivering a user-friendly, all-in-one solution.


Try Sendinblue for free



Unlimited contacts. Emails include branding, daily quota of 300.



Lite plan. Emails include branding, no daily quota.



Essential plan. Includes advanced statistics.



Includes all advanced features.

Low-cost plans:

The first thing that will probably stand out to you is its pricing. Affordable is an understatement – Sendinblue offers some of the most competitive prices on the market. With 40,000 emails for just $25, the value is pretty hard to beat.

Solid email automation:

Surprising for a newsletter service at this price point: Sendinblue boasts a fully-kitted, workflow-based automation feature. You can trigger campaign actions using your visitor’s email and website engagement behaviour, assign lead scores, send transactional messages, plus loads more.

Landing page editor:

A new addition to its feature set, and a very nice one too, with a smooth interface and modern template options. Available on the Premium and Enterprise plans only.

SMS marketing tool:

This is relatively unique to Sendinblue, as not many newsletter tools offer this feature.

Deliverability :

Latest tests show that Sendinblue have definitely been working on their deliverability.

Limited integrations:

While Sendinblue do offer a number of integration options with other applications, they could do with adding a few more. GetResponse, on the other hand, does a great job in this area.

Free plan sending limit:

Their free plan has a daily sending limit of 300 emails, which is not much at all.

criterion rating comments

Ease of Use

The user experience is pretty good and the menus are easy to navigate. There’s also a nice campaign-production flow that is easy to follow.

Newsletter Creation


As with most tools, Sendinblue offers a drag-and-drop email editor that is both fast and smooth. There are a handful of pre-set elements to choose from, which should be enough.



Advanced If/Then/Else logic is available – Sendinblue calls these ‘attribute conditions’ – and requires a tiny bit of programming to set up (similar to setting up IF statements in Excel). They also offer conditional content, which allows you to display certain elements of the email to specific contacts (e.g. discount offers to VIP customers), and dynamic lists, which lets you include dynamically-updated content (e.g. items purchased in a customer’s order).

Email types

Newsletters, autoresponders, transactional emails, A/B tests, SMS

Choice and Flexibility of Template Designs

There are 65 templates to choose from, and they’ll all responsive. Note that some templates have the same design with just a different layout.

Email Automation

Some really impressive automation options here. Sendinblue’s workflow editor lets you set up some clever triggered campaigns, based on contact data, email engagement, web behaviour, and ecommerce activity. It scores bonus points for lead scoring, and for the ability to test workflows prior to launching them. Sendinblue is also unique in its transactional email offering, letting you send messages such as purchase confirmations and receipts via SMTP. Side note – there’s also a handy ‘Best time’ feature that automatically sends your emails at the optimal time, based on previous campaign performance.

List Management

You can create ‘filters’ which serve as segments, based on contact field criteria and behaviour (email opens, clicks etc). You can also set up automated workflows to create new lists based on demographics, behaviour and lead scores.

Registration Forms/ Opt-in & Opt-out- Process

The forms are surprisingly advanced, with some really cool personalization features. You can let subscribers select which list(s) they want to be opted into (for example, based on interest or industry). You can also enable Captcha verification. And if the users are coming to a form via email, you can pre-populate the form fields with their data – impressive! There’s also the option to choose between single and double opt-in.


Based on our deliverability tests, Sendinblue has seen a big improvement in this area.

Reports and Analysis

Sendinblue has most of the reports you might need, such as a click-map, geo-tracking and Google Analytics integration. However there’s no social or sales conversion data available.


The website, and help, is available in 6 languages (EN, ES, PT, DE, IT, FR)

Further Features

Spam- and Design-Testing

There’s a nice in-built previewer for seeing how emails will display in different email clients. No spam testing available, though.

Bounce Management


Hard bounces are automatically blacklisted. Sendinblue provides a list of both hard and soft bounces. Note – bounced emails go towards your sending limit.



It’s possible to export your blacklist from the tool.

Storage available for data and images


There doesn’t appear to be a limit on the total amount of images, or on individual image sizes.

Pro Features




Own Domain


Available if you purchase a dedicated IP with Sendinblue (note – this isn’t cheap), or if you have a higher-level plan with this included. Landing pages can be hosted on your domain without the dedicated IP.

Different levels of account access


Only available on Premium and Enterprise plans.



A number of integrations are available, however, more are yet to be added. That said, Sendinblue is also part of Zapier’s library.

Landing Page Editor


A very sleek and modern landing page editor is available for those on the Premium and Enterprise plans. Truth be told, we actually like it better than the email editor! There are some nice templates to choose from, or the option to build one from scratch.



A universal Help button is available, allowing you to access Sendinblue’s knowledge base, leave a message, or live chat. At times the Help button shows you different support options, which can be confusing (and frustrating!). Live chat was responsive though, and the knowledge base is thorough, so we can’t complain.

Overall rating


From a value-for-money perspective, it’s actually a fantastic tool. The amount of features you get for what you pay is almost unheard of in the marketplace. It could very well serve your email marketing needs. Try it for free.

Taking a look at Sendinblue’s feature set, it’s clear that they ‘get’ email marketing. They’ve built in some very clever options for helping marketers to optimize their email campaigns, including advanced email automation, segmentation, personalization, and landing pages and forms that are geared towards increasing conversions.

While its automation features may not be enough to topple the giants like ActiveCampaign, it’s not a long way off. See how it compares to Mailchimp in this comparison.

Aside from its generous free plan, its paid plans start from $25 for up to 40,000 emails, making them one of the cheapest providers on the market.

In terms of features, there’s no denying that Sendinblue is impressive. Our best advice? If you’re really interested in what Sendinblue could offer you, try it out on the free plan to see if you like it, who knows, you might find yourself enjoying sophisticated marketing automation on a budget.

Try Sendinblue now for free.

MailerLite is, along with Sendinblue, one of the most budget-friendly tools we’ve tried. They offer a generous free plan as well. MailerLite is more suitable for beginners as it’s a bit easier to use than Sendinblue.

GetResponse has some extra (advanced) features like a webinar hosting platform. It also comes with thorough reports and useful analysis features. We are also big fans of their email automations and list management capabilities.

ActiveCampaign is, generally speaking, a more advanced tool than Sendinblue. For example, their flexible and powerful automation system, can’t be compared to Sendinblue’s. However, Active Campaign is more expensive and you’ll need some budget to use it – no free plan.

Canceling your account can be done online. Simply log in and go to your accounts My Plan page.

At the bottom, you will see the option to cancel the monthly plan or to close the account.

If you don’t close the account entirely you’ll be able to use your remaining credits until you’ve reached the end of your billing month.

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Though the free plan is for an unlimited time, there is a daily sending limit of 300 emails.

If you go over this allowance, Sendinblue will employ its ‘Requeue’ feature, which means that your paused campaign will resume sending automatically in the following days until you have sent the email to all your contacts.

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Having worked as a digital marketer, Roberta has tried, tested, fallen in love with and despaired with so many digital tools. She is excited to be helping businesses find the email marketing tools they need in order to thrive.

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