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Email Marketing Inspiration: 25 Search Engines For Email Newsletters and Beyond

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Are you emailing your subscribers two or three times a week? That’s how often the average business should be, according to recent studies. This is the equivalent of 8 to 12 campaigns per month… 96 to 144 in a year!

If your creative well for email marketing ideas is running dry–we completely understand. So much so that we put together this list of email inspiration websites for you to check out the next time you feel stuck.

Dive in and discover new email design examples and campaign ideas, to inspire your next email marketing campaign, and impress your subscribers!

25 Email Inspiration Websites For Your Next Campaign

As experts in email marketing, we often reverse-engineer campaigns to analyze what's working. The search engines for email newsletters below have been fantastic resources to us. We think you’ll find them just as useful:

Free and Paid Email Marketing Inspiration Websites

1. Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails homepage - marketing inspiration

Really Good Emails (RGE for short) is the email inspiration website pioneer. It has been around since 2014 and has more than 10,000 excellent email examples. The website is incredibly organized, with emails divided into 9 categories based on the type of email (such as behavioral, promotional, or seasonal), each with subcategories.

Upon signing up, you can create your own email marketing inspiration collection, complete with a name and description. This makes it easy to sort and search for ideas when drafting your next marketing email. Email marketers can also directly upload email ideas to the RGE website, either to contribute to it or add to their collections.

All these are available for free, but the paid plan ($9/month) gives you access to more emails and allows you to collaborate easily with other team members.

2. Email Love

Email Love Homepage

Need more websites like Really Good Emails? Email Love is its closest contender. It’s home to hundreds of newsletters/email inspiration and email templates, organized into 13 main categories.

When you click on an email design example, you’ll find similar email suggestions and a short overview from Andy King, the one-man team behind this library. He uses the summary to point out what you should pay attention to when looking at the example.

3. Milled

Milled Homepage email marketing inspiration

Milled is a search engine for email newsletters for ecommerce brands. It contains over 33 million emails from 110,000+ businesses.

The website arranges email marketing ideas by brand. For a more precise search, use the search bar and modify the filter settings, which include date range, holidays, brand names, and countries.

A free account limits you to a 30-day date range, but you can get around this by paying $99/month or $999/year.

4. Email Tuna

Email Tune Homepage

Email Tuna makes a great Milled alternative because the two email inspiration sites share similar interfaces and features. You can find thousands of email marketing examples from top websites and brands.

Unfortunately, in my experience, using the search box is a hit or miss. This search engine for email newsletters has a really slow response time–sometimes taking 5 full minutes to churn out results.

5. Email Marketing Examples

Email Marketing Examples Homepage

Email Marketing Examples is a swipe file of email marketing inspiration. You can browse hundreds of email marketing templates, designs, and content ideas using the site's search box and handy search filters (ex: email type, industry, and brand name).

Each email design example includes additional details, such as fonts and color scheme used. While it doesn’t have as many examples as the other email marketing inspiration websites (after all, it’s still in beta), it’s a great resource for email marketers and designers. Aside from its original form, the email is also available as rendered HTML, HTML code, and plain text–for easy reference or tweaking.

6. MailCharts

MailCharts Homepage

MailCharts collect marketing emails from various ecommerce brands. According to the team behind it, they use widely-recognized industry benchmarks to qualify which ones are the best for serving email inspiration to marketers.

You can sign up for free to see the entire collection and create your own email inspiration list.

Mail Charts also provide data and insights on a company’s email marketing strategy, as well as each email’s ‘email score’. With a Pro plan, you can view more detailed reports and industry trends and share email marketing ideas with your teammates.

7. Newsletter Search Engine

Newsletter Search Engine Homepage

Newsletter Search Engine is an excellent email inspiration library for marketers looking for their next newsletter idea. It has over 110+ tags/categories. Some products fall into a generic category (ex: SaaS), while others are more specific (ex: Black Friday).

Clicking on an email design example will show you an image of the actual email, along with a description of what makes it great according to the Newsletter Search Engine team.

8. Newsletter Base

Newsletter Base email marketing inspiration

Newsletters Base is one of the biggest search engines for email newsletters, with over 3,300 pages of email inspiration. It brings together English-language content from numerous brands.

If you want to add your newsletter examples, you’ll have to sign up for a free account. But you can only download HTML and images if you pay $4.99 per email. This one stands out as the only one that comes with a chatbot that allows you to converse directly with the website owner.

9. Litmus Email Gallery

Litmus Email Gallery Homepage

Litmus Email Gallery is run by the email marketing platform, Litmus. The gallery is categorized into 8 groups: content automation, countdown timers, live stores, personalized images, social content, nearest stores, interest signals, and weather. Quite a few of them are niche and random.

Each email comes with a short description explaining why the email inspiration design belongs to this category and what makes it stand out.

10. Emails Nest

Emails Nest Homepage

Emails Nest is one of the newest Really Good Emails alternatives. Narrow your email inspiration search using different filters, such as brand, email type, keywords, coupon codes, campaign type, and more.

Like RGE, it allows you to bookmark and keep track of emails and brands that you like.

But Emails Nest went a notch higher, by providing marketers with HTML and CSS codes, so you can copy, paste and tweak the code to your liking. A free plan is limited to 30 searches and 10 bookmarks a month. For unlimited search, plans start at $29/month.

11. Email Gallery

Email Gallery Homepage

Email Gallery is designed to help email designers gather ideas from different companies and individuals. It’s a simple website, but has plenty of email inspiration designs. You can browse email inspiration by business type–there’s a total of 49 categories available.

12. Swiped

Swiped Homepage

Swiped is more than an email marketing inspiration site. It’s a go-to resource for all things marketing and copywriting, so it also houses ads, social media posts, etc.

It doesn’t have a lot of inspiration for emails–in total, there are only 26 examples. But it’s a very informative resource because founder Mike Schauer dissects each one, leaving notes and key insights on what makes these email marketing examples great.

13. Good Email Copy

Good Email Copy Homepage

Good Email Copy provides marketing teams with product-related messages to help you write effective marketing emails. As its name implies, this email inspiration website focuses more on the text than design.

Many of the examples come from popular brands, such as Shopify, Salesforce, and Pinterest. You can search directly using a keyphrase or take a pick from one of the 20 tags available.

14. Milky Mail

Milky Mail Homepage email inspiration

Milky Mail is an email inspiration gallery that comes with a blog. Each example comes with a snippet about what makes it stand out and which types of organizations would benefit from it. It’s a small collection, but is thorough and has good email examples.

15. Promo Archives

Promo Archives Homepage

Promo Archives is an SMS and email marketing inspiration library, featuring promo campaigns from almost 1,900 brands. It allows you to filter by brand.

16. HTML Email ​​Gallery

HTML Email ​​Gallery Homepage

HTML Email Gallery is a bit outdated, but it still boasts about 200 good email examples from established brands such as Crate & Barrel, Banana Republic, and Eventbrite. Aside from its email gallery, it also has a tips and tricks section for designing effective emails.

17. HTML Email Designs

HTML Email ​​Designs Homepage

HTML Email Designs is rich in email design examples. Unfortunately, like HTML Email Gallery, it hasn’t been updated in a while. Some examples date back to 2009, such as this one from Dell, but they still provide useful email design inspiration.

Dedicated Email Inspiration Websites

Sometimes, you’re looking for something specific the general search engines above can’t give. These niched email marketing inspiration websites might be able to help:

18. Send Good Emails

Send Good Emails Homepage

Send Good Emails is an email marketing resource focused on full email sequences, such as drip or nurture campaigns. The library has over 250 emails but adds more every month. Aside from email marketing examples, it also has information on email type, campaign duration, and number of emails.

It comes with a one-time fee of $49. Aside from lifetime access, you also receive a monthly newsletter with insights and trends about email marketing.

19. Email Drips

Email Drips Homepage

Think of Email Drips as a supercharged Send Good Emails. Aside from an email sequence examples library, you also get sales funnel and sales page examples. However, this also means higher paid plan costs, which start at $59/quarter.

20. SaaS Email Templates

SaaS Email Templates Homepage

SaaS Email Templates is the perfect search engine for email inspiration for SaaS email marketers. The email design examples are split into 3 groups: Onboarding, Transactional, and Marketing. The website features hundreds of downloadable marketing email templates and examples from leading SaaS companies.

21. Museum of Modern Email

Museum of Modern Email Homepage

The Museum of Modern Email (MoME) showcases emails from organizations worldwide involved in performing arts and culture. The email design examples fall into 6 categories: Newsletters, Events, Automations, Shops, Membership, and Reengagement.

22. Archive of Political Emails

Archive of Political Emails Homepage

The Archive of Political Emails gathers emails from politicians, elected officials, political action committees, non-profits and NGOs. This website gives you access to almost 1.5 million political email examples.

23. Once Daily Pharma

Once Daily Pharma email inspiration

If you’re looking for sites like Really Good Emails, but exclusively for a pharmaceutical email marketing campaign, Once Daily Pharma is the place to start. It currently has 31 emails you can check out.

Bonus Email Inspiration Websites (Not Marketing-Focused)

While the two websites below don’t focus on marketing emails, they can still be useful in helping you create other complementary email communications.:

24. Good Sales Emails

Good Sales Emails Homepage

Good Sales Emails is the email inspiration website for outreach ideas. It gives you a peek into how companies, such as HubSpot, communicate with sales prospects.

25. The Balance

The Balance Homepage

The Balance is a good resource for refining your employment-related messages, such as candidate rejection emails. It also offers excellent tips that go with the email example.

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All You Need Is A Little Bit of Email Marketing Inspiration

Email marketing is a tough nut to crack. Fortunately, these libraries provide some of the best email design examples that can help when you feel your creative juices running out.

If this has been helpful to you, we recommend reading the following blog posts about creating good email copy and design:

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